Gyroscopic Flop

I have watched the video but still cant get it to go all the way around :-\

First, try pulling tighter. Like REALLY tight. Also, it helps to have the yoyo closer to your throwhand.

You may also want to try rotating your throwhand in the direction of the yoyo turning. So if the yoyo is flopping counterclockwise, twist your wrist slightly in that direction.

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pulling hard just makes it spin out

Don’t let the string touch the yoyo, it makes a big difference.

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When your pulling make sure the strings aren’t touching the walls of the yoyo, and you dont need to pull too hard. Also it helps to be able to see into the gap so make it theres an angle so that you can see the whole time. It takes a lot of practice so keep practicing!!!

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I had the same problem around month ago…
First off…I’m doing it frontstyle (Andre’s style…when he whips it), don’t know about you… :-\

1)So you should not pull to loose (because you won’t get the spin) or to hard (because it will kill the spin, and the yoyo will spin out of the control)

2)This helped me out a lot…BRING IT TO YOUR EYE LEVEL :o

3)Then watch out for the string! It should not touch the “walls” of the yoyo…

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