Gyro flop

(YoYoBlaze) #1

need help whipping it on. I do it like plastic whip but it’s harder to keep the string on the thumb. any tips?


First, you need to get a really solid plastic whip. To start out, you might wanna lower your freehand, so that its almost like a normal plastic whip. Just get used to it, and slowly raise it higher.

Remember, when you do the whip, do not suddenly twist your wrist downwards. Keep your thumb out and try not to move it around.


when you make the plastic whip motion make sure that you keep your thumb straight throughout the whip motion


Sometimes I lose it off of my thumb and just have to do it again. After you start the whip motion and have the string moving, move your hand so that your thumb can catch it.


I’ve tried gyro flop a few ways:

  1. Trapeze, with a throwhand wrap. It dies after half a rotation.
  2. Plastic Whip, and then reaching into the loop. It does 1-2 rotations.
  3. Houdini mount, then swing the yoyo up and towards you, then pulling. This gives me a lot more control, and I can do 5-9 rotations no problem, and then dismount easily.

It took a long time before my throw was strong enough to get a good number of rotations.

As far as the plastic whip goes, I make a gun shape before I whip, and the string going over top of my thumb. I point up and away from me with my thumb out to the left. During the whipping motion, I point the ‘gun’ to the right a little bit to help guide the correct string into the groove. Keep that thumb facing horizontal to the left… and practice a lot! Whips are hard.

(Eleazar) #6

I just do a reagular plastic whip and grab the back string thats attached to your thumb and pull.


Not to sound mean, but he already knows how to do. He just needs help with a problem he’s having.


Try pulling the string up with your freehand and making the whip motion at the same time. I always have much more success when I do it all in one motion instead of holding the yo-yo out in front like Andre demonstrates in his tutorial on this site.

(ThRoW-b0t) #9

Yeah, just keep your thumb stuck straight out and practice the whipping motion. You’ll see the loop that it makes every time. You don’t have to hold the yoyo up like he does in the video, just do it exactly like plastic whip, and then grab the string closest to you with your non-throw hand. Something that helps me with plastic whip is to turn my hand down (like you know how people do with their hands when they are joking that they are gay? same thing. Well, same basic motion, anyways.) Throw it straight in front of you, and whip your hand straight down. If you keep your hand over top of the yoyo then eventually you will get the hang of it. Another tip after you can land the plastic whip: after making it spin, when you go to dismount, you have to know which side the string is wrapped around. The video says to look at what side its on, which you can but sometimes its hard. The easiest thing to do is to count the rotations of the yoyo in “half turns”. Every time the yoyo turns halfway around, the string will switch sides. So if when you whip it the string is on the right, then when you do the gyro and it only turns halfway around, you will have to unwrap the string from the left. If you do the gyro and it spins all the way around, it will dismount from the right. One and a half turns, the left. 3 turns, right, 3 and a half turns, left. Ya dig?


Please don’t swear or use “naughty” language. Thanks. :slight_smile:


go into it like kamakaze do a houdini mount then pop into the triangle pop of it back wards then pull

(JackG) #12

just do a regular plastic whip and then pull back on the string farthest to the right