Help: new yoyo and gyroscopic flop

Hello everybody

I am new to the forum and got my first metal yoyo in the mail today! I got a dv888 from yoyofactory. Now when i first did the gyroscopic flop it worked but now my yoyo is doing something weird, i think it has something to do with the bearing. I decided to film it and ask people here what the problem might be.

Thanks in advance!


Nah, that’s just classic not quite understanding the Gyroscopic flop behaviour. :wink: Don’t worry, it took me forever until I figured out how the flop works.

When you pull apart, the side with 2 segments plus the side with 1 segment are more or less “in line” with each other. If that line stays in the middle of the gap, there will be no flop. Intentionally angle this “line” so that it’s off-center. As the yoyo flops, you have to move your hand so that the angle stays pretty much the same.

During the flop, it will start to align itself again if you don’t “chase” the flop. Once it aligns itself again, it stops flopping and will sometimes even reverse or spin out.

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The yoyos fine you just need to apply pressure to the side with 2 strings so it can make it’s full rotation. Also it helps if you have a strong throw.

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Sorry I’m necroing a long dead thread here, but I’m having the same problem.
I’ve watched about 10 tutorials, but there seems to be some conflicting advice on whether the string actually touches the side walls of the yoyo.

Greg’s description is the best so far, but does the string touch the side walls, or just the bearing?

Touches the wall

Doesn’t that make it slow down and spin out quick?

It should definitely NOT touch the wall - this will slow the yoyo down, and you might be using tilt adjustment to make the yoyo flop, instead of a genuine gyro flop.

Greg’s description is good.

Yup definitely not touching the wall. To get the strings to touch the wall would require too drastic an angle in most cases and the flop will be uncontrollable!

When I gyro flop, I tend to pull the wrapped string slightly in the direction that the yoyo is going. Usually get about 1 full clean rotation and then if I’m lucky I can get another…otherwise I just spin out in a “hyperspeed gyro flop” :slight_smile:

You pull fairly tight with both hands equally, and then you go off-center with both hands equally. Keep the “line” of string absolutely straight between both hands, but off-axis compared to the orientation of the yoyo.

I should just make a video. Haha!

Yes Greg, you should make all the videos. :slight_smile:

I’m not very good at it, but I have figured it out now.

You have to get a feel for it, but knowing that the yoyo doesn’t rub the string is helpful because I was never sure if I was doing that part right.

Also, it is easier to get this down by starting with a plastic whip, because you can see what is going on better. It’s easier to see the alignment of the strings. At least for me.

Seeing the string in the gap definitely helps. You can do it with normal Gyro Flop, too, though!