gyro flop

i can not do gyroscopic flop. i can get into it easily enough and then once i pull the strings it does not revolve. Instead it dies. i have tried many things so any help will be happily accepted. i am using a dm with a kk so i dont think it is rubbing the sides much

Plastic Whip the yo-yo, grab the back string. I’m assuming that you got to this part so far, so after that just pull, but not too hard! You also have to twist your throwhand a bit to make it rotate.

A KonKave bearing can center the string well - but it doesn’t mean it will always be there to help.

What way(s) do you use?

I do a Trapeze, but a bind way, (not the Brakeaway method because it spins out on me) and I twist my finger inwards, and pull the closest string to me.

Don’t flop for too long, or it will spin out. Do at least 2-3 flops, then dismount before the flop spins out. :wink:

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There are some other topics like this found using the search button. :wink:

But yes the main problems are that people pull too hard or are accidently hitting the sides of the yoyo with the string.

i was aware of these topics and searched them beforehand, hence why my question is not the same.

i just tryed the bind way but my problem is that it wil go almost 1/4 a turn and then go back to where i started, causing me to not even be able to get it to turn. but i do like the bind way more. it does seem easier.

Hmmm. I do that way too. Works with my eight8eight. ???

What yoyo did you use?

Happy Throwing! =]

Its coming back to the original position because the strings are rubbing on the sides of the yoyo. Thats all you need to know. A bigger gap will make it easier to prevent this, I can do 20+ flops with my meteor, but struggle with 10 on my pgm.

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ok well i did a little of everything and now i can do it for the most part. now i just have to practice until i can get better.
thanks everyone

Sure thing. :wink:

Glad you got it.