Gyroscopic flop problem

For some reason, I can only do 3 spins with the gyroscopic flop before it starts spinning like crazy or dies out. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but Andre Boulay says you can pretty much go as long as you want.

all i can say is practice your throw, and keep the strings off the sides.

The yoyo can spin for a long time (with a good throw) while doing flops as long as you keep the strings off the sides.

Am I supposed to pull both sides of the string really hard too?

Don’t pull too hard, but I’m not sure how you could pull one side hard and not the other (little bit of physics there).

Haha yea. I got it working now 8)

Something worth noting is that KonKave bearings don’t work as well on this trick, because with all the string centered, you don’t get as much torque on the axle and it won’t “flop” as fast as it would if the bearing wasn’t concave. At least that’s my experience.

Of course, no one in this post mentioned anything about a KonKave bearing. Maybe I just like to hear myself talk (or type).

Yeah we forgot to mention that part, which is correct. :wink: