i need help with gyroscopic flop

(JosephP) #1

ok i can do gyroscopic flop for a few seconds and ive been wondering would a konkave bearing help make you do the trick longer


Nope, just practice.


KonKaves would center the string, and keep it less likely of touching the sides than a regular flat bearing.

All they really do is center the string and spin a little longer.

(Mitch) #4

A KK might help… Because you want to try and keep the strings off the walls…

But to get longer gyros do this…

1)STRONG throws… the faster ther yoyo is going the better it will flop…

  1. Watch… Look into the gap, move the strings so they dont touch the walls…

Do these two things and it should be better…

I can get six full rotations easy on my New Breed and still have spin time for other tricks on a stock bearing…


Actually, I honestly think that a slower spin will make your spins go faster, because of the fact that the yoyo doesn’t turn around with a strong spin, but it tilts and turns and twists when its spinning weak. Don’t believe me though, just a thought. Someone please tell me if i’m wrong.

Anyway, its good to keep both hands eye level, and don’t let any strings touch the response or the sides of the yoyo.

The wider your gap, the easier it is to prevent touching the walls. I can get 21 flops on my meteor easily, but its harder on a dark magic. Proof on my YYE Vid tourney entry ;D

(JayVee) #6

The trick is to practice the way you pull on the two strings. It’s like what Andre said on his Gyroscopic Flop Tutorial:
…As it does, you just kind of pull towards one side. It takes a little practice to get the feel for it but eventually you will. Watch from the center here as I take my hand, I pull it, it starts circling around and I kind of guide it with my throw hand as I do it

Just practice different ways of pulling on the strings. And remember to pull towards one half of the yo-yo.

**I find it easier to do Gyroscopic Flops by pulling my throw hand to the left and my non-throw hand to the right(I’m a righty). It should work the same way except reversed for lefties.