Gyroscopic Flop (Angles, Orientations and Bearing type)?

Ok I know there are quite a few of Gyroscopic flop tutorials, topics and the like.

Almost everyone who can do GF gives the same advice which is to keep the Yoyo at eye level and keep the strings off the sides.

I’ve been doing GF from a Houdini Slack (i.e. Sideways GF). I find that pulling the strings hard only results in the yoyo dying. I can do one and only one full flop by pulling relatively hard and angling my throw hand downwards slightly. But even so, this isn’t consistent and most of the time, my yoyo refuses to flop after that first flop. It tends to die after the first flop or suddenly spin very fast.

Also, I’ve read that the type of bearing may affect GF? I’m using a centre trac bearing on my Heavy Cream if that matters.

I’m interested to see how you guys who can do GF orientate your hands/strings to get the yoyo flopping. I’ve seen a couple of GF videos by ibanezcollector, TheOrganizer, Andre’s front style GF and some other Youtube unknowns. A first person view of a sidestyle GF would help alot.

Ok… So this was kinda sudden, but I watched this video on YT and suddenly got 2-3 flops.

So I guess that having your throwhand angled about 30 degrees higher than your non-throwhand helps alot.

Nevertheless I’m curious to see what everyone else is doing that works for them; more importantly, if the bearing type affects GF.

My Gyroflops seem to work better on a standard flat bearing than my center trac.

Every Time I do gyro flop and go to take the string of the yoyo the string just turns into a great big not. How can I get out and not get a not? My string is not freyyed so I don’t know why. Thanks Guys!

i don’t think the bearing would make your Girl friend dump you… ;D

To the thread starter, it sounds to me like you’re over-thinking things a little too much. I can’t say too much about bearing types because I haven’t used that many, but I would assume that you can do gyroscopic flops using any type; some might just be a little more difficult than others. I learned on a flat bearing (took me forever to understand what to do), and now I have no problem doing it. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about your bearing. The trick just takes quite a bit of getting-used-to. Definitely don’t just pull really hard outward, because that will, as you’ve seen, kill the yoyo. During the rotations, at least for me, both of your hands are going to need to move ever so slightly around with the yoyo to keep the rotating motion going. It does takes some experimenting to understand how hard to pull, how much to move your hands, and all the little subtleties of the trick.

Have you watched Andre’s tutorial of this trick? He mentions in there that you have to look into the gap of the yoyo and see which side of the gap the loop is on, and then sort of make the yoyo reject the loop out that direction. If you do that, you won’t end up with knots.

Ok thanks for the feedback. To get the string out a sideways Gyroscopic Flop, just remember that the loop should come off the inside (pull the loop off towards your body), outside for half a flop, inside again for a full flop and so on.

Once again, I know it takes experimenting, but I would still like to know what orientation helps you to perform GF more consistently?

They seem about the same for me ability wise, though I usually do them sideways since I don’t do frontal tricks quite as much.