gyroscopic flop

Alright, in gyro flop, make sure the strings are not rubbing th e sides of the yoyo. If that doesn’t work, get yyf yoyos.

Nice tip, but I would elaborate more and a couple more tips. Also, getting YYF Yoyos will not help you do Gyroscopic Flop.

Please don’t make new posts to reply to other people’s threads.

YYF yoyos are good, but will not help you do any trick more than any other company will.

What the heck? YYF yoyos don’t make gyroscopic flop easier. Make sure you have your facts right and STOP SPAMMING!!!

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hey yoblaze, thanks for the tip :smiley:

hey yospirit, thanks for helping but please don’t be rude again. 8)

Oh everyone, listen. I mean get a yoyo that has a bearing that spins well.

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Umm really? Please don’t double, triple, or anything-higher-than-that post. In the top right of each of your posts is a “modify post” button.

And saying “get a yoyo that has a bearing that spins well” you’re saying to get any yoyo with a bearing. Probably about 99% of them (at least start out) great and spinning well. Also, if for some reason somebody’s bearing isn’t working right, they can clean and lube it, or get just the new bearing.

Just pointin’ some stuff out. Sorry if I’m sounding mean, I’m not trying to be.
gooooooooooood tutorial