KK better with Gyro Flop?

I’ve been using a Konkave bearing in my Dark Magic and it seems that whenever I do Gyroscopic Flop, I can do it 3 times longer and it’s definitely smoother. Is it just me or does anyone else have the same experience.

Based on my experience, yes, kk do help gyro flop.
Because the string is centered, make it further to the wall and response system.
Less friction.

Opposite for me because the strings are centered so the force on the yoyo that makes it turn like that is lessened.

Thanks Ape, but i never said more spins, i just said the yoyo in general will spin longer

Umm…? It definitely did sound like you were implying that you got more spins. After all, what’s the point of a longer spin on a gyro flop if you don’t do more spins? ???

That being said, I’m really not sure how to answer your original question…

I cant do gyro flop

I think I speak for everyone when I say please refrain from posting if you don’t have anything valuable to add to the discussion. Thanks.

I don’t have a KK but I use a Center track pretty regularly, I don’t notice much difference in the flops to be honest.

Same here.

i more think in the line of better control over gyro.
better control can affect the number of gyro done.
it may have an impact on gyro’s speed due to lessen force cause the string is close together, but IMO, it help controlling the yoyo wall away from the string.

yeah, thats what i found