Hatrick Snag HELP!!!

OK, so my dad let me have my Hatrick today (still owe him 60$). And it is great. Smooth on the string, very stable, dead unresponsive. But I noticed it snags sometimes. 9/10 it will come back and hit my hand when I am doing the trick Pagados. I really love this yoyo, but I dont know why it snags so much. Do I have to just wear down the response, cause let me tell you those Hat-Pads are ROCK SOLID on binds. Actually so rock solid that a lot of times the string get caught so my next throw almost hits me in the face. HELP!!! please

The pads in it probably just need to be broken in. This is common for brand new yo-yos. Just play the yo-yo and it will get better.

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Thanks. I hope soon cause I just hit myself in the hand. :frowning:

I got mine a few days ago. It comes with a drop of lube on the bearing, and takes about an hour to break in the pads. Mine never snagged back when I got it, but I waited till using multiple layer trick till later. Now, it still binds very tight, and snags 1/90 times on a bind. Very unresponsive in string tricks and never shoots back. Great yoyo.

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Thanks, it seems to be getting better now.

Edit: OUCH! nope still working on it.

Heh, youll be ok. If you really want to you could clean the bearing, did you get it today? If not the bearing is probably broken in. Also if your bearing starts making random loud noises, or gets loud in a week or two, its normal. AIGR bearings are top-notch, smooth and long-spinning, just not quite as quiet as onedrop 10 balls. Best of luck.

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My Hatricks snags on me but only when I’m not being precise enough. I’m using stock pads and I really dig the tight and snappy binds, but might just silicone it after the pads wear out to see what I prefer.

What puzzles me is that I can control the snagging issues when careful, except when popping out of a green triangle it catches sometimes. A really strange time to be unable to control it as there aren’t even any string layers to contend with. Every once in a while it snags when I get sloppy with my slack as well.

FYI, I broke my bearing in until I had to clean it and then added a single drop of thin lube. It is completely unresponsive otherwise.

I also have a hatrick. It does seem to be little more responsive (stock) then i’d of liked. Took me a while to were down the response. But you could just use sandpaper and get it down in a few seconds.

Wow…I have the same problem with it on GTs! But for the most part it never snags, but then again, I consider myself a careful binder.

Yes mine snagged occasionally with the stock response and bearing, even after days of play. I have recently changed out one of the pads for one of the thin, gray hat pads. This has been a pretty effective fix so far. Binds are a bit less snappy, but I haven’t experienced any snagging since the change.

welcome to the forums! just noting, i tried the thin hat pad, and found it bind less snappy but with the same snag potential, which for me is 1/80-100 binds.

Thanks for your guys comments. Getting better, but I wont try any fancy wrapping yet. Oh and I popped out of a GT and the hatrick gave me this ugly scar on my thumb.

Edit: Ok now it is breaking in, should I put some thin lube in it? Everytime I put thin lube in a bearing the bearing seems to slow down and eventually become more responsive.

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i have a suggestion. dont bind super hard, or immediately after a powerful throw. for me, if im moving my throwhand to much for binds, it will snag. some yoyos the more powerful the bind the better, but for this one i think a nice smooth bind with a soft tug will work the best. also try pinching the string instead of having your finger in it on the bind. its called a fake bind, and for me it never snags and works great, but some times it doesnt roll with my flow. anyway, hope that helped.

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Great info thanks! I think the snagging problem has gone down, but now I am faced with the lube or not to lube problem. I think I should lube it, but everytime I do it the bearing slows down and seems to get worse over time.

i havent been lubing mine, whenever the sound kicks up it seems to go away. i think for the best spin times play it clean, but if the sound is bothering you lube will take care of that without dramatically reducing spin times.

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Ahh, its just keeps getting bad to worse. I put some thin lube in it and it made it really quite, but it just keeps getting more responsive. AHHHHHHH!!! I don’t know but I literally played for 4-5 straight today and still. All I get is snag. I almost busted up my hand twice just trying to get out of a GT and the yoyo tries to curl up the string on simple tricks the Skin the Gerbil or even split the atom. I am getting really annoyed. Maybe the Hatrick isnt right for me, or maybe mine is have more issues than normal. Please help, I am getting so frustrated. I want this to work out, but the same time I want to take my hatrick and throw it away. >:(

OK, do you have any other bearings? Or lighter fluid?

In order of which will help you the most.

Konkave/Center Trac

People always diss these bearings, but they make a yoyo less responsive none the less.

Cleaning your bearing

Take lighter fluid or mineral spirits and soak your bearing in it. This will remove all lube and dirt and make it much less responsive. Theres a great guide called washing you rig on the spinworkx blog.

Finally, if you really need to, remove one pad and play with only one pad in, or put in a thin/smooth hat pad, and that should fix the problem.

If you do all of these things or one of them, the unresponsive and anti-snag will increase. Best of luck!

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Thanks bro. I put more thin lube in it and played it like crazy. It is getting more unresponsive! Thanks for all your help. I will keep your list in mind for the future!

No problem, just keep at it. I really dont think any thing is wrong with your yoyo, maybe just a bad bearing or something. Good luck, tell me if it gets worse.