What's wrong with my hatrick?!?

Hey guys,

My hatrick is responsive, and i don’t know what’s wrong!!! I’m even using a center trac bearing, that has just been cleaned!!!

Break in the pads.

how long will that take?

I don’t know for sure, but a lot of people said three weeks at most.

more like 3 weeks at least, my hatrick took ages to get unresponsive, just play it stock and when the AIRG bearing bets constantly noisy give it a good clean and lite lube then all will be good.

I don’t think it’s the pads, because one minute it’s perfectly unresponsive, and the next, as responsive as a butterfly, do any of you think i should email general-yo coughsamadcough

i don’t know but i am guessing that there is something wrong with the k pad
but i really don’t know,i was just guessing

Is it being responsive with the other bearings or only the AIRG bearing? If its being responsive with other bearings as well it could be the pads or a deper problem which you should contact General-Yo about. The best way I can think to rule out if it is the Pads or not would be to replace them with a pad system you know works fine then go from there.

then why post you just make the person writing the post more confused, if you havent got anything worh saying dont say it.

That seems to be popping up more often as of late. Perhaps it has to do with the way the 2nd run Hatricks were machined? I don’t have any experience with 2nd run Hatricks, but I never had a problem with my 1st run. I’d try and e-mail Ernie at least.

Open up your yoyo. Flick your bearing. When you flick it, does it spin for a long time? When you spin it, is it smooth spinning, or is it really rocky and unsmooth?

If it is long spinning and smooth, check your bearing seat. Is it dirty, or is it clean?

If it’s clean, look at your string. Is the tension bad? Is it old? Try changing strings, and see if the problem persists.

Yoyoexpert says that you should thin lube it every once in a while. That might also help.

yah that might help too!!!
you should try doing that