Hatrick users

How long did it take you to break your pads in?

Im about 1/5weeks in and not difference?
I can do tug returns like nothing.

the next day. maybe its your bearing

I cleaned it and re-lubed

Well, you need to break the bearing in! Play with the yo-yo for at least a week for it to break in.
Do nice and strong throws!

Or uhh… Check the bearing seat.

yeah the hat pads take a while to break in and get used too, also as Vivo said break in your bearing then when it start to get noisy give it a good clean and a light lube.

They will at some point break in. Don’t worry about it, and just keep playing with it. It happens with all Hatricks.

I have a whole bunch of Hatpads and all of mine that I use (A ton, as my Hatrick is my main throw) have never needed to really break in. They come slightly grabby. But just a tad. But then about an hour of playing later they are totaly broken in. That is why I like them. And they last me a really long time. They are my fav. responce system. So, my guess is that if you can just pull up the yoyo it is either the bearing, or maybe a pad malfunction/defect. And if you lube the bearing, the bearing will need to break in, so that could be the cause. To see if it is the pads I would take a different bearing in your other yoyo that you know is good and broken in, and switch it with the AIRG bearing in the Hatrick. If it is unresponcive and good, that is because the bearing that was in the Hatrick was messed up, or needs to break in and needs playing. If it is still responcive, keep playing with the pads hard for about a week. If it is still responcive I’d put in other pads and hope for the best. Anyway, hope that helped! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

Yeah, I never really need to break them in… then again, I don’t really look for responsiveness. I pack a whole lotta thin lube in all of my General-Yos, so sometimes they might be a little responsive, but it’s not really a big deal.

Yeah, just thin lube it, and it might make it more unresponsive.

Hat-pads are recessed quite a bit, and will not make the yo responsive.
It has to be the bearing.
Send me an email to:


Sorry if it was unclear but im using a KK bearing

Thats fine,
I still say its the bearing.
Send it back to me.
If it is a defect, I will gladly replace it, or refund your money.
I will also refund your shipping cost.

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