Hatrick is responsive


I’ve gotten a General Yo Hatrick a while ago, but when it came out of the box it was quite responsive.
I can give it a small tug without the yoyo returning, but when i try a plastic whip it always returns.

So i’ve had the same thing with my Madhouse Lucky 7. I cleaned the bearing and it played like a charm.
Today i was sick of the Hatrick being responsive so i cleaned that bearing as well. (Took off the shielding, and put it in white spirit in an old lens case for 15min, and shaked it during those 15 min, took it out put it on a pencil and twisted it, applied a drop of thin lube with a needle)

I then put the bearing back in the yoyo, only to find it just as responsive as it was before, i thought i maybe put in too much thin lube, so i cleaned it again, but this time I didn’t add any thin lube…

When i spin the bearing on a pencil tip, it spins about 2-4 seconds, while the one in my madhouse yoyo spins for at least 10 seconds…

I don’t really know what to do now, it doesn’t have anything to do with the yoyo itself cause when i put in the bearing from the lucky 7 it plays as unresponsive as the lucky 7…

I thought i’d clean it again (third time) but now i’ll put the bearing in for a couple of hours…
Would this help? Or do i have a faulty bearing or something? Any help or tips are greatly appreciated…

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

I’ve had this happen to me. And yes it is still responsive, the trick is. You want to “break it in.” I found if you kept playing with the yoyo, the bearing gets backs into its groove.

If it doesn’t “break in” I would directly contgact General-Yo with this problem.

Remember: Bearings don’t break in fast some times, so I would wait a couple weeks, before you can call it shot.


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By lens case do you mean contact lens? If so, that’s not the greatest idea because mineral spirits and probably white spirits as well can disolve plastic. The disolved particles could get in your bearing. Find a glass jar.

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What I do is I clean the bearings and then play with them dry. Then as they break in they get distinctly louder. That’s when I put a drop of oil in them.

I use a contact lens case with mineral spirits. It works just fine for me.

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I suggest doing this first, but definitely add some lube. Don’t play General-Yo bearings dry. Make sure after you lube it, play with it for a few days without doing anything to it in order to “break it in” after applying a small amount of lube. If there is still a problem, contact me, and I’ll try to get it sorted out.

Samad Patel
YoYoExpert General-Yo Representative

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Thanks for the tips everyone…

So, i’ve cleaned it again on monday and i lubed it (yyj thin), it was ok, still responsive though.
The day after, i picked it up, threw it and it sounded like the bearing was gonna explode ;D.
Guess what i did, cleaned and lubed it again… The noise was gone, still responsive.

But i kept playing with it, responsive play is fun too… After a week of playing with it ( i’d say about 5 hours or a bit more) i can do some plastic whips… Guess the bearing is starting to break in…

What i don’t get is how come the yoyo spins so fast and so long but it’s responsive 'cause of the bearing??? weird… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway the hatrick is the best yoyo in my collection, and i’ll probably love it even more when it gets just a little less responsive… Now i’m off to the yye shop to order me a mini star before those are out of stock ;D