What's the cause of snag?


Depends on the circumstances.

For the most part, if it’s snagging on breakaways then it’ll be due to a dodgy bind, perhaps due to poor string tension. Certain tricks have elements that lend themselves to snags if not done properly, or if performed slightly sloppily or with any slack left in the string (see ‘I be a minute GT’ for an extreme example), so if it’s snagging at a specific point of a specific trick then you might need to adjust your technique accordingly.

All of the above will of course be exacerbated by a grabby response/thin gap/thicker string.

If a yoyo is just snagging at random points, then unless the bearing is getting responsive, the overall string setup/response combination that you have may simply being too grabby for your current play. The sloppier your play is, the more likely snags are to occur, and a grippy set up will make the problem more pronounced. :-X

So in other words, it’s usually a combination of any number of the following:

  1. Poor string tension
  2. Responsive bearing
  3. Trick element that lends itself to snagging
  4. Thin gap
  5. Grippy Response
  6. Thick string
  7. Sloppy play

Snaggiest yoyos I’ve personally experienced (bearing in mind that I use a thicker string):

  1. 3yo3 Bassline 2
  2. C3 Krown (original run, I believe they remedied the issue with later runs)
  3. Yoyojam Surge

I won’t play my Bassline 2 any more because I fear the damage it’ll do to my knuckles. That thing has tasted human blood and it wants more… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most times in a gt I’ll have the yoyo snag. Sometimes hopping tricks also snag for me.

And bass line tasting blood. Lol.

What’s the cause of snag?

Snagging is normally the main cause…


You not playing well enough is the only cause of snags.

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The vast majority of snags for me are caused by bad string tension combined with trick binds. So, I go for a trick bind like a suicide bind where there’s a loose loop in the air. The string twists up due to the bad tension, which makes it “feed into the gap” in a super weird way. Snag.

Not saying that’s the only cause of snags for me, just the main one.

Can be remedied by managing tension better during play, or being aware that I have bad tension and not trying for the trick bind.

Since I’m not out to impress anyone but myself, I just play without caring too much, and fully expecting the occasional snag. :wink:

It usually happens when you spend way too much time trying to think of things to post

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I am more not talking about bind snags I’m talking about anywhere snag.

Let’s say I’m in a gt an want a bigger triangle so if I pull the string it snags so I have to slowly and carefully pull the string.

It happens most on my YoYoJam classic with a Buddha wipple in it using kitty string nylon 1.5.

2nd on my Yoyofactory Shutter with koncave in it using nylon 1.5.

It happens least on Yoyofactory cyborg 2.0 that has a centre track stock in it with yoyo string lab ammo string.

So could it be bearings because my centre tracks snag less then the koncaves or more centering bearings?

To avoid snag, you must learn how the string sliding in the gap of the yoyo can trigger the response pads. when you do learn how it works, adjust the way you play to prevent it.

It is because the yoyo spins in one direction, so certain trick elements may “roll” the string causing snags. Practice with a responsive or fixed axle, man up your knuckle.

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I hate snag. After awhile though you can sense when you get snag when you bind it.

Cool thanks for the tips.

Why thank you. Very informative.

Yeah lol.

It’s true :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright then…

What’s the cause of your yoyo hitting your face?

Your yoyo hitting your face is mainly the cause.

And that’s also true.

I absolutely know what you’re saying, but I think what Yoyodoc was trying to say is that some of these posts tend to overcomplicate things.

I understand what you’re saying too, but it’s perfectly fine to discuss topics such as this one. Gambit at least gave a decent helpful reply. Comments like Yoyodoc’s just aren’t helpful…However, he knows a huge amount about yoyos and often gives great replies.

Thanks Glenacius K…

Actually at that moment I just felt like some low grade humor would save me an hour of typing, lol.

There are so many things that can individually or simultaneously cause snagging; to cover all possibilities could take a really long explanation.

Gambit covered the situation pretty effectively for the amount of typing he did…

But honestly it can get pretty ‘deep’.

Type of string… Condition of string… Tension of string… Thickness of string…Shape of bearing… Lube on bearing(and type of lube)… Clean bearing… Or lack of lube… Debris in bearing… Debris in cavity under bearing… Type of response(there are so many different pads available now)… Condition of pads… Flowable silicone(there are several different types used for Yoyos and some dry hard and some seem to stay sticky forever… <quality of flowable silicone application(some people finish it kinda recessed/some make it dead even/some people leave it kinda ‘fat’)… Height of the Yoyo walls… Shape of the Yoyo gap… Width of the Yoyo gap… Weight of Yoyo and distribution of Yoyo weight(sometimes rim weighted yoyos seem to be more able to power through potential snags whereas more center weighted yoyos wimp out and snag)… Etc./Infinity.

And anything listed above can work in combination to cause snagging. Example - dry gritty grabby bearing in a Yoyo with sticky flowable silicone and a dirty string with poor tension in a narrower gap Yoyo, etc.
All those combined(or any two or few of them) combined with poor string/gap alignment is a recipe for SNAGGING… WHAM! knuckle Sandwich!

I didn’t even touch on everything. But that’s a start.

Here’s a good one for you to ponder and I have seen this more than a few times over the years> you watch a guy at a Yoyo meet. You watch him just standing there in the Park(or wherever) for five or ten minutes. He just throws trick after trick after trick. No knots. No snags. No binding problems. No mishaps whatsoever. You tell the guy,‘awesome tricks and I really like that yoyo’. And he says, ‘here, give it a spin’. So you borrow his Yoyo and start throwing it around and Snag the sucker on every other trick you try!

Totally puzzling to some. But you may have noticed that certain people just have ‘the Touch’ and can even get your snaggy Yoyo and throw it around for a few minutes without having a single snag while you just stand there mystified at why ‘your yoyo’ isn’t locking up on him?

Sometimes Snagging can be figured out almost Instantly. And other times you pay with some Pain and effort before you identify the single factor or multiple factors combining to cause ‘Snag’.

I hope that explanation works better for you guys.


Much better lol.

Yeah you can identify the the snag after bind.

But the one that Comes doing tricks is annoying.