Omg why does my string keep snagging


I just got a YYR Stargazer and when I do chopstick tricks my string keeps snagging in the yoyo. Is it the bearing?

(Waylon) #2

Maybe the response needs broken in a bit.


Are you using a 10 ball? sometimes since 10 balls are kinda rounded at the edges, combining it with a new response causes snagging with me.


no it’s a stock YYR konkave i believe


try wearing the response in or cleaning the bearing


This is normal or atleast for me. When I got my cliff I got extremely frustrated when trying chopsticks because it always snagged up but it just needed to be broken in.

I have YYR Six coming in the mail hopefully today and it’s fairly new so Ill check and see if I have the same problem.


But I’m going to have to unscrew it D:


when I owned a Messiah I probably unscrewed it 5 times a day and it remained dead smooth so you should be fine. The warning just saying it could happen.


It could be anything at this point if it’s new.

Also, seeing how versatile chopstick tricks can be, I can’t narrow it down. It could be the response if it’s causing drag while in the mount. It could be the bearing, response, and type of string being used if it’s when your swinging out of the mount over your throw hand possibly causing it to bind.

Try checking the bearing by itself. If it isn’t that, it’s just the response.


That statement about unscrewing YYR and them becoming vibey is completely false. “That store” only has that paragraph to cover their buts, I have owned and still own, three sleipnirs, two gleipnirs, dreadnought, dreadnought G, messiah, 6, two overdrives, 44clash 2010 and 2011, and I have an attune and stargeyser in the mail at the moment. Never and I mean never have I had this issue, complete bogus. On the YYR official store and website they have nothing warning against vibe from unscrewing the YYR yoyos.

As for the issue of the topic I think it may just be your technique or the response needs to be broken in, either or.


Thanks for clearing that up. So it will have vibe depending on how I screw it together and what type of bearing I put in, right?


U-groove type bearings can bunch up the layers of string and cause a problem with advanced tricks.


Nah, won’t be an issue. Gave it a quick throw before sending it to you and didn’t notice anything, but the stock YYR response can be grabby at first, especially if you’re using a thicker or rougher string. YYR bearings like all bearings though can give up the ghost for seemingly no reason, so that could be another possibility. But yeah don’t be afraid to unscrew it, it’s never been unscrewed before, but all that stuff on the site is just CYA stuff by the store. 7075 is durable stuff, nothing to be scared about, i promise! If it is the bearing then replacing it or cleaning it will probably make it even smoother.


One problem: I can’t unscrew it lol. It’s reaaaalllly stuck together


I promise you can unscrew it if you use the proper tools. Someone else on this forum had the exact same problem. He was convinced his yoyo had galled and was sealed shut, but that wasn’t the case. You just need to use some sort of rubber or a vice the first time you take it apart. They screw them together VERY tight before shipping them, so unscrewing them the first time is difficult.

Basically, just try harder. You won’t break anything unless you overdo it by a mile.


No, there is nothing to worry about. Unscrew them as much as you want. Best to use a bearing that is NOT a flat with the YYR yoyos, it’s like they are made for CT and KK bearings.


Got any rubber gloves or those jar opener pads lying around? I’ve heard of those working well!


I’ve had some STUCK throws before. I have an oven mit with rubber grip that I used, made it worlds easier.


Thanks so much guys! I finally got it open and changed the bearing. It doesn’t snag any more