Yet another g funk problem


Ok guys, so lately when i try to slide the string on a trapeze (or on a bind) it, like, starts to wrap up and then stops spinning pretty fast. I think that it is called a snag. It happens maybe 4 out of 5 times. Is it the CT i put in it? I don’t think that it happened before with the other bearing. I just changed the string, btw.


How often do you change response?

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Check your string tension.If it’s not that, then it’s your bearing.


Take out the bearing and clean it out really good.

Then, lube very lightly if at all.

If it’s still being responsive after being cleaned out properly, you’ll want to replace the bearing.


It’s not responsive, it just snags. Im planning on going down to A&P tomorow to get some lighter fluid. If i do need to replace the bearing, are there any bearings that are just like a CT, but quieter? Cts are prety loud.


I havent changed it yet since i ordered it on the 4th of july. Should I silicone it?


You might consider adding a tiny touch of lube to quiet the yoyo down. CT’s aren’t all that loud in my experience. You could try a Buddha Dimple bearing if you want.

I’d also suggest using acetone for cleaning the bearings, but I recommend acetone because I get the best results using that.

If you just got the yoyo earlier this month, the odds that the response pads are wearing out is slim to none unless you’re playing 22 hours a day. If you want to silicone it, I would say go ahead but I think it’s the bearing.


Ok thanks studio. What is your favorite bearing? And I’ll silicone it after the pads wear out.


I don’t have a “default” favorite bearing. I will try to best match the bearing to the yoyo. When I find the magic combination that works best for me, that’s what I stick with.

Having said that, I will say that I do like CenterTrac bearings. I also like Trifectas, Crucial Grooved, YYJ Speed, OD 10-Ball, Terrapin Wing Cut, Ceramics and flats, KKs and more.


What are the differences between yomega 10 balls and OD 10 balls?


I don’t know. I don’t have any Yomega that uses a C-sized bearing.


The yo mods?

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The Yomega 10-ball that I got with my Yo-mod came un-shielded. From pics I’ve seen the OD 10-balls come with shields.

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My app malfunctioned and posted 3 times.

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^ the above explains.


I’ve found that a few of my yoyos start to snag when I’m using old string. Try to swap your string out for a new one. It might be a quick fix. :slight_smile:


Thanks, but as I said I just changed the string. I think it may be the string I’m using. I use yoyoexpert poly, but i have a few kittys, and when i put on the kitty it snags much less.


New or Old response?


As i said i havent changed it since i got it a few days after the 4th of july. Idk if that is old or new. I think that it is still new because the binds are still tight.


I think that my bearing just needed to be broken in, because it snags much less now. It still snags, just not as much.