Ways to make my Rally more unresponsive?

Maybe that’s not the right term. It’s unresponsive, but snags a little on some of the tricks I’ve been trying to learn. I’ve swapped the stock bearing out for a concave style and I’m using normal kitty string. I have some kitty 1.5 and that really snags.

Are there some different pads or string that I could try that might help?

Ummmm, curved bearings make it snag more haha. Gices the string more surface area to grab onto. You could try rubbing down your silicone a bit and play with some thin kitty.

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Curved bearings don’t make anything snag. I’ve tested this myth with several bearing, yoyo, and string combinations.

The curve keeps the string away from the spinning yoyo, so it helps prevent snagging there. If the snag occurs between string segments when they’re layered you either need to adjust string tension or get a new string.

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God, not the flat bearings vs curved bearings argument again…

Thinner strings will definitely help a bit but the best way to make it less responsive/snaggy would be to remove the stock response pads and install some recessed flowable silicone.


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That too

The other thing that causes the string to snag is the string hitting the sidewalls due to a less than perfect throw… :wink:

Truth is you probably just need to get better.
Thats what practice is for, and it involves lots and lots of snags and knuckle hits, and frustration.
Is your bearing is nice and clean, ie; you can throw a hard sleeper and bounce the yoyo up and down on the end of the string and it will not respond. If you cannot do that you have a bearing problem it needs to be cleaned, if that does not fix it, maybe it is just a bad bearing, it happens, I have 5 YYF brand new that are unusable(Im supposed to mail them to YYF but I keep forgetting lol).
Now given that you state that you’ve switched bearings and the ‘snagging’ still happens, lets assume its technique, and not a sticky bearing, only practice fixes that. You can waste money on specialty bearings, but it will not fix bad technique, the difference between a centering, or curved bearing and a flat are very subtle, to subtle for you too worry about at this point.
Do not get hung up on bearings, a good bearing that spins free and true for a long time is all you need be it curved or flat.
Good luck bud, keep practicing and having fun.

get a terrapin delta bearing in there

YYJ lube

Not a myth if I’ve had a experience with this on several occasion ^^

Just to end it, disregard my comment about bearings, thinner bearing, keep nice tension, make sure your bearing is spinning smoothly, and that you’re throwing well.

Adding lube will make things more responsive. There’s a good reason quite a few members around here prefer playing bearings dry, and it’s not because they enjoy the noise (not all of them, anyway).


Not always. If the bearing is dry and making that crunching noise sometimes adding the smallest amount of lube will make it run unresponsive again.

If it’s making a crunching noise it needs to be cleaned. That will make it unresponsive again.

Lube will increase bearing life, but WILL slow down a clean bearing making it more responsive. Its harder for ball bearings to roll through a liquid than air… I lube to make my bearings last, but I hate that first little while after lubing because the yoyo is slowed down so much.

Maybe you could contact YYE, they can always help.

Thick lube should do the trick. Just drop a couple little dots on the shields of the bearing and then spin the bearing with your finger.

Like you, I initially read the topic wrong. He wants it UN-responsive. :wink: Thick lube will of course do the opposite and make it responsive.