Snagging Problems

I guess I got my snagga back:

I have been finding that some tricks (that I could do perfectly before) keep snagging. Below are the situations:

  • Skin the Gerbil:
    I find that whenever I do this trick with any of my yoyos, the last part snags. Now, when I do it horizontally, I can do it perfectly fine with no snagging unless I use my Yomega Glide. (My other yoyos I throw consistently are my YYF Shutter and YYF Genesis)
  • Any 1.5 Mount:
    Again, whenever I do a trick that has a 1.5 mount in it (especially Cold Fusion) I snag. Very bad snagging happens when I use my Yomega Glide.
  • Yomega Glide:
    As I have said before, the Yomega Glide seems to snag on every trick that has more than one string wrapped around it. Does this problem happen to any of you guys? My Shutter and Genesis do not snag as much but they do snag every now and then.

I would like some advice here. Does anybody know of anything that can minimize snag potential or something?

Thanks in advance,

Try switching the bearing from the genesis or shutter to the glide. If that resolves the snagging, the KK from the glide needs to be cleaned.

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You could try a thinner string? For me it seems that string thickness/gap width play a large factor. The CLYW Arctic Circle has a smallish gap so I found it snagging all the time, which was part of the reason I have it away. I use Ammo in all my throws which is quite thick so I’m sure that doesn’t help.

Did you recently replace the response pads?

if so they may need some time too break in

I have 3 suggestions-
Clean the bearing
Lube the bearing
Or simply play with it and see if it goes away

No, I haven’t ever changed the pads. I bought it on Halloween and it took me a two weeks to be able to throw it.

the three things i’d probably do (maybe not clean). If any of your yoyos are making a loud sound and are a little responsive they need lubing. You could also be giving too much string to the loop around your finger and then taking away that string producing snags. Just play and it’ll probably go away.

Also, too much lube will make your yoyos responsive. After I clean, I put the tiniest drop of lube on the tip of a pin and touch that to a few of the balls in the bearing.

Same here

It is a little loud (not too much though), completely unresponsive though. Does it sound like cleaning is needed? What about lubing?

I’ve found that whenever I start getting snags a fresh string usually solves the problem. It’s not a guarantee, but its an easy cheap fix that’s worth a try. You just have to remember to keep your string fresh, especially if you’re using bulk string which wears out rather quickly. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

What string are you using?

Getting a clean bearing would probably be good. If they’re new pads or a new bearing or anything though, just playing with it for a while to break it in should be fine. Also, if you’re using a fat string, like Fat Kitty or whatever it may be, that could cause a problem.

Did you really have to though…? Did you really…

You’re probably getting your strings out of plane.

Yes, doing anything to lower response (cleaning bearing, less aggressive response stickers, thinner string, etc.) will decrease the likelihood of snags but none of the tricks you’re referencing are really pushing the equipment. Though putting a new string on never hurt either.