Help with a snaggy yoyo

I got in a trade a Something V. It snags alot, the bearing I put in it is a broken in Konkave also it came with yellow pads and I didn’t like them because of how they where snagging so I thought white pads might help, but they stick out and it is snagging worse now, I tried taking some fine grit sandpaper and taking a little bit off the pads but it still snags. It gets caught on tricks like a fast skin the hamster or a green triangle. It also responds off the throw, I know the bearing isn’t the problem so is there any way I can fix this quickly.

First thing would be new string. Konkaves often solve the “responds off the throw” problem you’re having, so it’s probably just the string.

Next would be to use thinner pads or flowable silicone, or just break in the pads for a while. Konkave bearings can cause snags on skin the gerbil type tricks, but it shouldn’t cause response just off the throw (I’m guessing that’s the string doing that).

Of course, be sure that the bearing is still good by giving it a flick with the yo-yo open. Does it snag with the original bearing?

Eventually, even protruding pads will wear in after a while. Not sure if that’s because they get worn away, or “squished” while stored long-term with the string tightly bound or what. You might be patient and try either one.

My Token had protruding pads and I put in a Konkave to solve the problem with unexpected response off a throw or grind. After a while though (no idea when) I looked in and saw that the pads didn’t stick out any more.

My original Atmosphere had protruding pads when they were first replaced and this caused response off the throw or grind occasionally (flat bearing). However, now I have no problems with it. Not sure if they’re flush or just worn; I’d have to check.

probably the string, I will try another string. It has improved after taking a bit more off the pads. Not snagging as much with slack tricks.

Cool. A new string with a Konkave should do the trick for protruding pads, though I don’t like Konkaves for skin the gerbil type tricks. Hopefully the pads will wear down over time so it’s less sensitive to the condition of the string. Good luck!

Another thing you might try if the issue is not resolved is a thinner string. Worked wonders on my surge…

Try thinner string. If that doesnt work try replacing pads with flowable.

It is good now no more snags