Any tips for making a yoyo less snaggy?

Recently got a legendary terrarian and i love it, but it has a high tendency to bind mid trick. Any tips for making it less likely to snag? i want to avoid going the route of thinner string because i really like the string i already use.

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Thinner string, centering bearing, or swap the response for more recessed flowable silicone.


Hey. I would change the pads to something more slippy. That worked on my Shutter WA. Also, maybe it just needs to break in

does the flat bearing contribute to that? i was planning on getting a grooved bearing for it

are there other pad options for one drop? i thought they had their own size

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Maybe recessed silicone as garret says. Probably it is just that it needs to break in. Give it a few days and it’ll be probably better


aight cool. i want to like this thing, but it HURTS when it snags

One Drops have pretty tight, snappy binds as a general rule. I love them for that, but then I’m not trying to lay lots of string wraps into the gap. The Legendary Terrarium has a 4.54mm gap, which is pretty average as gaps go, not especially narrow and not particularly wide. If you are experiencing a lot of snagging on ordinary tricks, it may just be that the pads need a bit of breaking in. A thinner string can help while they break in as well.

The Legendary Terrarium uses OD’s standard flow groove pads, which are thicker than industry standard “slim” pads, so you either need to flow your own silicone or get a set of OD replacement pads. But I would expect a set of replacement pads to behave the same as brand new stock pads, so that probably wouldn’t be much of a solution.


thanks! i swapped in a center trac and it seems to be helping. didn’t know flat bearings were more snappy

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I think you’ll find that centering bearings improve the playability of most yoyos immeasurably. I’ve lost count of the number of new One Drop owners who reportedly struggled with their yoyos until they put in centering bearings (usually at the recommendation of someone on these forums).


I’m curious, what kind of string do you currently use? I know you said you don’t want to change string, but you’re already using a yo-yo with an average gap and response more recessed than most, so maybe you should consider it.

I’ve run into this problem a lot. It’s usually more technique related than anything inherently wrong with strings or response pads, but you don’t want to handicap yourself with string that is extra difficult. I also find that some strings tend to stick to itself after a few minutes of play… I found that if I take them off or leave the yo-yo unwound over night, the string will play more like it’s new the next day, so I’m guessing that my skin oil is problematic with some strings. But I’m weird though, I always have weird problems.

normally i’d default to a technique issue, but i haven’t had this problem with any of my other throws. I use airetic standards and yysl plutonium strings.

Plutonium is a little on the thicker side, thicker than Type X anyway. I would hesitate to put Plutonium on a One Drop.

Suuuuuuper thicc string, duh

Got it. I like plutonium for whips and stuff and it just seems over all more composed and easier to work with. Wasn’t a huge fan of type x. How does Venom stack up against those 2?

Venom is really good. It’s great for whips but it’s not as thick and is much less fricti… ous,ive,iony… much less grippy, so doesn’t snag as easily, and binds great. It is still on the grippy side though, IMO.

IMO it’s much less the thickness of the string that causes snags so much as how grippy it is. YYF Knot Bad, One Drop Choice, YYT High End, all on the thicker end(thicker than Venom), bind with serious grip, but slides on itself with very little friction and is not prone to those types of snags.

Didn’t read replys yet, but if it has flow groove pads and they’re snaggy, then I say just rip ‘em out and replace with anything… silicone, yoyofactory pads (don’t mind the gap, seriously :p), snow tires, or other flow grooves even. I can’t ever break in flow grooves, prolly just me.

I love one drop but the tolerances on their pads are not tight… some are thicker than others. Or at least that used to be the case… I stocked up on one drop pads years ago when I thought the thin pads for my project might go away forever, so I’m still using flow grooves from 2013 or whatever :laughing:

it sounds like you either overlubed your bearing of you lubed it recently or it’s dying if you haven’t in a while. You can clean a bearing and relube it if it’s too much but idk about dead bearings ◖⚆ᴥ⚆◗

Personally I’m against ripping our pads if they aren’t used past their life expectancy but that’s just me lol

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Agreed about pads, especially ODs. I would never rip out OD pads before they were worn out; they are the best—I mean, IMO and all, as it’s totally subjective, but there’s no denying that they are high quality whether you like ‘em or not. Personally, I like OD response above all others; I never (almost) get unintentional binds/snags, but when I want it to bind it’s super snappy and returns with very little loss of spin, which is great for long combos.

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The yoyo is brand new and i’ve always ran bearings dry, but i think this bearing came lubed from the factory. Swapping in a nsk center trac i had in my shutter seems to have fixed the issue. Weirdly enough, the flat bearing made my shutter way more fun to play with. it was way too slippy before, so the trade off worked out perfect.