Prevent snag?

Its ridiculously annoying, does anyone have any tips?

A little information might help.

What yoyo, what response, what string, what type of bearing, lubed or unlubed, shielded or not, etc?

Simply asking about ‘snag’ is like calling a Doctor and saying, ‘Doctor; I am sick. What should I do’?

No quick answers without providing info🤔

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Snag can be a number of things - grabby response, string tension, gritty bearing, or a mysterious overlapping string wrap that happened when your yoyo was in your pocket, causing a “knot”…Safety throws first :slight_smile:

A snag can also happen from a sloppy bind, especially ones I call “Weed Whackers” where there’s a long tail that’s sticking out, making a “whipping motion” as the yoyo binds…you’ll know why I call it a weed whacker when that string slaps your hands lol. Get a nice tight bind with minimal tail and you shouldn’t snag on your next throw. If you’re unsure if the bind was clean or not, again, safety throw. Your knuckles will thank you later.

Like Doc said though…what yoyo/pads/etc? Then we can better help youl

Since your favorite yoyo is Masamune, I take it it’s most likely not the yoyo.
When binding, ‘roll’ the bind as smooth as you could instead of throwing it into the bearing.

Wait… I think I have the wrong definition of snag lol. It seems that you guys are talking about an unclean bind and it doesnt throw down the next throw - but thats not my problem. I thought snag was when your trying to do a trick and the string gets wrapped around the yoyo and it just pops up in the middle of a trick. A front throw reduces this but i’d like to be able to do tricks from a breakaway without it popping up on me in the middle.

Sorry if I used the wrong word, but what is the right word for this then?

Anyways sorry for the inconvenience, but does anyone know an answer to what Im reffering to?

Thanks guys!

String tension being out of wack is one thing that can cause an unexpected bind in mid trick.
String thickness will also play into this. I had this problem when I was still using “fat” or Thick strings. Once I moved to thinner ones the problem was reduced substantially.
But even a wacky thin string will do this if the tension is bad. so keep an eye on that twist! :slight_smile:

Also just to add murkyness to already muddy waters, some types/makes of string can interact with some response pads in an unexpected way. Ive seen it go both ways, some better and some worse. Try either a different type/thickness/blend of string, or a different kind of response pad type.

Sometimes you simply need to learn to do the trick more smoothly and you won’t have this issue.
I have tricks that snap up to my hands right when I start learning them, but as time goes on (practice), I don’t have the issues, due to understanding the trick more and executing it more smoothly.

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What yoyo are you using? I’ve had some grabby CLYWs when fresh out of the box. Once that initial shiny surface wore off the snow tires, snags were nonexistent.

Some tricks are easy to snag and it’s just a matter of perfecting your technique. Depending on how the yoyo is sitting on the strings, a bind is essentially happening.

There’s a video on Youtube called “yoyo bind theory” that explains how a bind works. I think this very idea can also be applied to an unplanned bind, or a “snag”. I would post link to the video here but since it is ran by another online store, I’ll refrain from doing such.

I think whoth3man is right, I need to get a bit more fluent as this happens more when Im learning my tricks. Ive switched out the yoyos and strings it doesnt seem to make the difference so its probably just me being bad at the trick lol. I will however take a look at that “bind theory” video and hopefully that will help. Thanks guys!

Ahh, I like hearing those words :wink: