Tips for no snags

Any tips to not get a snag? Or is it just part of the inevitable? Any help would be grea because I would like to start to throw harder but don’t want a snag in a harder through in which i’ve already bruised my body with.

  1. use gloves. it makes the string sliding on your finnger smoother => less snag
  2. practice

Bind right.

You dont need to use gloves. Drop your bind quick. Plain and simple. throw a good front style sleeper and do a basic bind, when you feel the loop start to snag, drop the loop. try not to feed the slack into the bearing.

  1. Blalantly false. How does “finger smoother” have to help less snag?

You don’t need gloves, just run up the yoyo real good (bind well). Pinch the loop and pull it down, when it binds, see if you get a “solid” feel. Not like it’s barely binding. Make sure there is a good grip, but don’t get too much grip, cause that’ll snag. That’s why binding when the yoyo that is spinning at high speeds can cause snags.


Also learn what throw has the yo-yo spinning in which direction. Master the reverse bind.