How do I stop the string from immediately bunching up/snagging?

I’m trying to learn this trick (below), and as soon as I do the first move after the initial mount (around 2:25), the string immediately snags and either loses spin and stops or snaps back into my hand. How do I prevent this? It happen regardless of spinning direction and I’ve tried different strings and yoyos. It’s not on this trick specifically, it happens all the time; seems my yoyos can’t handle even a few layers of string inside. I’m specifically using a DNA, Protostar and Phenom, generic YYE strings and I even have concave bearings and a centre-track bearing too. I tried changing the response in one of them too (whereas I haven’t changed it in the others for months) and it’s the same deal

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Practice skin the gerbil and other easy tricks like (skin the hamster? on Rethink yoyo)

Then there’s Superflow, a good trick to practice and avoid snags.