Dark Magic Problem

I have a DM with a Konkave Bearing and a red shim on each side. When I try to do skin the gerbil, the yoyo slows down and snags. I even shaved the o-ring down to try to make it more unresponsive. However, I could do this trick easily with the DV888 and the Hectic yoyo.
What else should I do to this yoyo to make it less likely to snag when doing multi-layer string tricks?

The yoyo is probably not causing this. This trick can be done on a responsive yoyo. This is probably a case of smoothness and accuracy. Make sure you just land the yoyo on the string. If you slide the yoyo down the string after a hit, it will probably slow down, die out or actually bind.

Addment: It is fully possible. I can do it on my stock Dark Magic… tightest gap.

I say you do what Pheenix says. However if you’re still having trouble, try removing the KonKave and see if it makes a difference. “Skin the Gerbil” is a trick that requires many string layers in the gap. The KK could be playing a part in the snagging, because too many string layers could be on top of each other and cause the yoyo to slow down.

I know what you are somewhat talking about. Are you throwing a Trapeze, or a Backspin Bind Mount? This can cause the response to snag while the bearing is moving the opposite way. In a easier way, friction build-up.

This is either because of 4 things

Bad string tension - Yes, if you have tight string tension, the strings will try their best to wind up around the yoyo, and cause it to snag. It also makes it harder to slide across your fingers.

Sweaty/Sticky Fingers - Yes, sticky/sweaty fingers makes the strings unable to slide across your fingers. In fact, sliding the yoyo in a trapeze is a way to wind up your yoyo. If you have smooth fingers, the string will slide across, and it wont wind up. If you pinch the string or have sticky fingers, it will wind up. Wash your hands before yoyoing, and dry them thoroughly.

Wrong throw - Yes, some people can’t do breakaways, so they do sleepers instead, and this makes the spin of the yoyo against the direction that the string is moving, so it winds up more easily.

Uber Tight gap - Yes, if you have an uber tight gap, loosen it a bit.

Just pointing out something here.

How on earth is this the kk’s fault!!??!/!??! The kk was made for unresponsiveness and more string layers. The kk centers all the strings, keeping them from the response, so it makes it able to take more string layers. Putting a normal bearing shouldn’t solve the problem.

No, im not trying to sound angry and against you, just pointing out.

EDIT: I stated about how this can be used to wind a yoyo up right? Heres a video of Jayyo explaining it. This is what happens when you’re doing skin the gerbil. Bad string tension and sticky fingers will do this.