best bearing for dark magic

my dark magic keeps spinning out on me during skin the gerbil, which i can do pretty fluently. :’( ???

There is no “best” bearing.

Work on your throw, it will help. I have a good throw and I can do Skin The Girbil 3 times on one sleeper with a stock Dark Magic.

I agree with gm user. But, if a tight gap is your problem, try getting some shims. ;D

It is probably breaking in.

There is not best, it is all preference. Think of this when you ask these questions.

Try a steel KonKave. It might fix your problems, but try cleaning your bearing first.

My YYF SPEC bearing, when it was breaking in, it had this clicking, and it would turn responsive when it clicked. Mabye it is almost this.

Just wait and see, if not, buy a new YYJ bearing. :wink:

This has nothing to do with the bearing. Try widening the gap by unscrewing it a bit.

Thats what I think your problem with skin the gerbil is. If not, try cleaning your bearing and widening the gap.

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Well this is not by any chance the bearings fault. Skin the gerbil is a trick with a lot of rolls, and if the string isn’t aligned at all times you will tilt the yoyo back and forth which will slow the yoyo down a lot. You make also be a little inaccurate causing the yoyo to wind up at places.

Addment: Just practice.