How can I avoid my yoyo binding mid element?

Oftentimes, when I am doing an element, e.g. going from Double or Nothing to the Kamikaze by way of a sub mount, the yoyo will bind up slightly, or quite a bit, killing the spin. Any tips for how to avoid that? I have tried a couple of things, like going faster or slower, but nothing seems to solve the problem.

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Check your string tension
Faster spin is usually better
Check your string tension
Change your string if it’s getting too worn
Check your string tension
Confirm your bearing is clean
Check your string tension
Stay on plane
Check your string tension
Make sure you don’t have a lot of tilt

(I stole this repetitive advice from someone else but it’s pure gold)

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keep more tension on the strings, and I’m not referring to torsion, keeping the strings more taut in your formations will generally help with avoiding snags


2 cents

I had this problem and still do from time to time when learning new tricks and elements or revisiting tricks I have not thrown in a while.

My experience:

1st checking string torsion for me every time before and after it just reduces the problem tremendously, new strings that is my newest change I have to do more often, thanks for the reminder yo-yo peoples.

2nd hesitation kills. What I mean is lack of commitment to the move in the trick or element especially when inverting the throw into other strings, this will reduce tension and create stack that can bind in the throw mid trick or element. I have to do better with this.

Have a great rest of the long holiday weekend

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Keep the string tight. As soon there’s the tiniest bit of slack, the yo-yo can start to bind.
If there’s no slack, it can’t snag.


Try a thinner string. Or at least, a less ‘fluffy’ string.

If you are either: playing in higher humidity or have very sweaty hands while throwing, it could be that your string is kinda damp. Moist string will put the brakes on spin pretty fast because they choke the gap.

Also, make sure you put some power on the spin to get though your trick/combo… yo-yos in plane, moving fast with power are less likely to bind up ‘in the middle of something’.

Also… clean(er) bearing. There are two types of clean bearing: The clean bearing that runs smoooooooth… and the clean bearing that sounds either gritty or like it’s eating itself alive.

If the bearing sounds gritty, then it can contribute enough drag to help cause binding.