Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it!

Anyone who gets a basket get a Yoyo?

I’m Greek! No Easter until May!! >:( >:(

Those Easter egg shaped yoyos that cannot sleep.

I did not get anything:P Happy Easter:)

Happy Easter to everybody. Some notable things I got in my basket (lol) was a starbucks gift card, and a speedcube

I got some chocolate and some tea. Unfortunately no throws, though.

I got lots of candy $20 and more thread for making strings :slight_smile:

I got a few cadbury eggs (Heaven) and some chocolate like reeses, nestle crunch etc.

No throws, but yesterday I bought a 6061 prepro majesty and saturday night a got an Aman special Model 10, so close enough to easter, I could call it a present to myself :wink:

I’m going to my aunt’s house. It’s going to be stocked with soda all the way to cheese biscuits and tri-tip.

I got a new putter

I got a shirt, sea towns, and some baseball cards, superstar and protostar coming tomorrow

My family is going to my godparents house soon to celebrate. Happy Easter, He is risen!

I got candy and a duck puppet pretty good year oh and I also got a chocolate bunny.

Yeah, took me a while but I did manage to get out of bed this morning.


Who here believes the true meaning?? I do ;D

I did not, I did get a yye contest hoodie though and LOVE IT. Also got wii u sonic racing

I do!! Happy Easter everybody!! I got some peterbrooke chocolate covered pretzels and some chocolate covered popcorn. I also bought a few throws so I’m excited.

I also bought a pre pro 6061 majesty and a AMAN model10, but the m10 I got is b grade. Ernie said I got one of the best b grades in the batch tho, so I’m happy. ;D

Happy Easter!


i got a rock