I didn’t get any thing. Besides, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.

Fertility, reproduction, and Pagan goddesses? HECK yes.

I got a b grade too, but had no choice how good it was, it was the last one.

Happy Easter to you to (and everyone else.)

Didn’t get a yoyo in my basket… :frowning:

Try to keep responses on topic. This doesn’t belong in the “Happy Easter” thread. I can tell you’re new, so you should probably look over the rules.

Ok sorry. first day…

No worries! Everyone has a first day! And welcome to the forums, by the way.

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For her, a PSG or a ONE or a Classic are good choices. Just many of tons.

Welcome to the Forums! We hope you enjoy it here.

You guys get stuff for Easter? We have two Christmases now?

My boy got too much chocolate. His nana got him a dollar-store toy space gun, but mostly it was chocolate. And fruit nuggets in plastic eggs. :wink:

On a related note, Easter… played a lot of Plants vs. Zombies today. It seemed fitting!

I never get toys, just candy.

Back in the day (2-4 years old) I might have gotten a small toy or something.

Sometimes I get something very small. This year, my mom bought our family a couple videos of this hilarious comedian named Tim Hawkins.

My mom was going to loan me $30 to buy a pre pro Majesty but our computer froze… :’(

I got an iTunes card and a Ton of tri-tip.

Dude that sucks. Ernie said he still has a couple left.

So what did you guys get for Easter? I got bags and bags of Hi-Chew!

Face palm* why did I not think about that!