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I know there is a thread about this already, but I thought I might make a new one.

Well, if you have noticed (you most likely didn’t) I wasn’t posting at all this weekend and didn’t even get on. That is because I got Halo 4 on Friday. It is probably one of the best (if not the best) game I have ever played. And I have played everything from Atari to NES to Genesis to N64 to Xbox 360. It’s just astounding.

The campaign is great. One of the best campaigns I’ve ever played. I’ve beat it on co-op heroic and I’m 1/4 of the way through it on co-op legendary.

The multiplayer is also so much fun. I was a little bit worried about it being to much like CoD, but it just blew me away. It is so much more unpredictable with ordinances, weapon classes, the fun vehicles, and the amazing weapon selection. I’m a SR 24 on that.

Then there is the Spartan Ops. Those are so much fun. I’ve already beat the first episode on legendary, but I haven’t had time to start the second one. It’s great that there is something to constantly keep the game new and fresh.

I haven’t really gone into forge yet, but I think I will get into that later.

So, have any of you guys got it yet? What do you think of it?


I’m on the last level on Legendary solo. I’m not the biggest fan of the story because to me it got weird.
And honestly, the campaign in Reach was much more difficult and enjoyable for me.
And I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the multiplayer either. It’s a tad more difficult to use than Reach’s and seems more like CoD.

That being said, I still kick everyone’s butt online.


Beat the Campaign, hit SR30 recently.

TBH, I was kind of disappointed with Halo 4. I tried not to set my hopes too high, but I guess it didn’t matter.

-The weapons sound weird.
-I think I speak for most people when I say we’re sick of Cortana.
-Spawns. The instant spawns in some playlists make for some very fast gameplay, but it can be very annoying. You can also spawn basically anywhere, which is really stupid. I’m so sick of having the other team spawn behind me on maps like Ragnarok.
-Mantises. At first I didn’t think they were overpowered, but if someone is good with it, they’re a -blam- to take down.
-I’ve yet to be thrown into a game where my team wasn’t losing by at least 200 points.
-Absolutely NO back story on the Didact. He just kind of appeared. And had all these Star Wars powers. I know it’s a futuristic game, but it’s supposed to be somewhat realistic.
-Omg the sounds the Flood make are so annoying. And how about a little back story on those things?

There’s a couple more things I don’t like about it, but that’s just off the top of my head.

I do like the fact you can customize your loadouts. And there’s tons of challenge and commendations that you can complete.

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The single appeal for me regarding the Halo franchise is the design and aesthetic. I can’t even begin to care about anything else about it.

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I’m enjoying multiplayer. I do not like the instant spawn and random spawn points. I like to be able to get a team to gain control of a map. Those 2 things makes it very difficult.

When the mlg playlist comes out, I’ll be one happy man


That being said, I think Reach is superior.
343 Industries changed so much stuff in Halo 4 that it feels like playing Advent Rising without the superpowers.
You’re right about the Didact; I was wondering WTH was going on when he appeared. The BR sounds like it’s shooting plastic, the beam rifle sounds constipated, and the Storm rifle is a sad replacement for the plasma rifle.
The Warthogs sound amazing though.
Recently, I stopped comparing H4 to CoD and instead found a game that it’s almost identical to; Crysis 2.
-Great graphics
-Great physics
-unlockabale weapons n’ stuff
-crappy spawns.

Halo 4 seemed a bit rushed to put into stores. Hopefully the next Halo-verse based game will be more carefully thought up.
Speaking of which;
What type of Halo game would you like to see next?


As annoying as it seems, you need to find the terminals for background stories. I’ve recently found them all.

Also, I couldn’t agree more on the flood noises…

For the story, it was okay, but it wasn’t the best story I’ve ever played. The metal gear solid series still blows it out of the water for me, and that’s not even my favorite series.

Online is pretty fun, but the spawning does kind of suck. There’s been multiple times where I’d spawn and die within seconds because I was in front of someone. The mantis and the scorpions are pains in the -blank- to get rid of if people know what they’re doing.

I’m currently SR25, although I gotta take a break now that black ops 2 is out.


Haven’t got the game yet, but it doesn’t look that good. Doesn’t look like a Halo game. I’m fine with Reach for now. HMU if you want to play multiplayer on Reach, I’m a Hero. Pwn nubs in multiplayer. Gamertag is A Soviet Locust


My bro and I both thought the exact same thing.

343 is making Halo 5 and 6, btw.

Haha you shouldn’t have to figure out the story for yourself. The game is supposed to tell you. That’s how stories kinda work.


Ok, so first off, SPOILER ALERT. Do not highlight my text if you don’t want me to spoil the ending. Otherwise, highlight the open space.

I just wonder what they’re going to be doing now that Cortana was destroyed. Are they going to give him a new AI, or focus on another time in Master Chief’s history? I just don’t know what they can do.

I just hope it isn’t another ODST style game…

If you quote me, remove what I said to get rid of the spoiler.


ODST was amazing. It was awesome to be sneaky and the graphics are awesome.

And is the flood in Spartan Ops? I haven’t played those yet because I’m getting everything done in the campaign.

as for the terminals, have any of you found all of the terminals in Halo CEA? Those tell an amazing story.


Well since the titles are chronological, I’m assuming the story is just going to continue. No idea where they’re going with it though. Hopefully no more Forerunner stuff. I hate those doods.

Anyone else miss the Prophets? :frowning:


I miss them, but they’re dead. And I think it’s a bit early for 343 to say they’re going to make a Halo 5 and 6; they might just be making another Halo probably like Reach.
Or maybe there will be a game where you’re the Covenant or some species trying o stop the humans. That would be fun, but super awkward to play.


When Halo 4 was announced, 343 said they’d be making Halo 5 and 6.


YES. Halo 4 is AMAZING. I’ve never played much online multi player before, but i signed up for the free 14 days of XBox live gold membership that came with it. The online multi player is so awesome. For the last four days all I’ve done is get off work and go straight to War games.
It is so well designed, between the super customizable load outs to the ordinances and extra abilities (I.e. jet packs, promethian vision and others) there is so much to do and so much variation it never gets old. I’m level SR-21 and can’t wait til SR-22 because then I can get the Beam rifle in my load outs. Oh yeah. Absolutely amazing multi player. And the Campaign is great too, such a well written story line, I’m playing the campaign slowly on legendary trying to savor it. I did the same thing with my Skyrim character.
Watch out for me and my battle rifle!


So last night I finally got around to playing some matches.
1st game: 7 kills, 0 deaths (I joined a half finished game on Valhala)
2cd game: 29 kills, 8 deaths

It’s just as easy, to me, as Reach.

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Halo 4… Probably one of the biggest disappointments to me in a long time.

I still liked the game, but I felt like the story just jumped around a bit too much for my taste. Oh? Strange Jedi Warrior out of FLIPPIN’ NOWHERE!? No biggy, Cortana knows whats up. Like, really? I understand that they needed to move the story along. But seriously, he came OUT OF NOWHERE. Okay, I have to watch the terminals, I guess that’s fair? I’ll figure out the story by myself, 343. You just sit back and chill

I hate the multiplayer. Hate it hate it hate it. Why does everyone strive to be like CoD in their multiplayer experiences? Halo had an awesome thing going for it in the way that they set up their maps. Best multiplayer experience on a Halo Platform? Halo 2. By a mile.

The ending? Me and my room-mate are both huge Halo junkies. I think it has one of the best storylines to date, as does he. We played through the entire thing together, I’d play a peice of the campaign, he’d play the same piece. We got to the ending and both watched. I was in tears, he was furious. I feel like they did a great job on the ending. It makes me wanna play another game by them… I guess.

The worst part of all? Even though it was the most lackluster game for me. Still. STILL. The best Halo that has ever come out. I mean… wow.

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And another thing.

Why is Chief talking so much? I mean, that was the COOLEST thing about Halo. You NEVER heard Chief talk. He was Clint Eastwood. He didn’t say a word. Just did his job and went along. But now he’s freakin’ jimmerjammerin’ all over the place.

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Kinda like someone else… :wink:

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'Scuse me?