Halo/Halo 4

I love the Halo series. It is absolutely phenomenal.

Anybody else enjoy it?

Absolutely love it. ODST is my favorite of all the games.

ODST is pretty fun. I don’t know why a bunch of people hate it.

My favorite is either Halo 3 or Reach. I HATE Halo 3’s level where you’re in the Gravemaster trying to get Cortana. But the rest of the game is amazing. I especially enjoyed the last level and taking down Scarabs was always fun. I would probably say Reach is my favorite though. I thoroughly enjoyed every single level. I’ve played through the campaign too many times. The night I got it (it was my first Halo game) my friend came over and we beat it in one night.

I got Reach before I got xboxlive, so i ended up beating the campaign solo legendary cuz i had nothing to do ;D

Wow, I still haven’t beat it solo legendary. Well I was 2/3’s of the way through it on solo legendary, but then Halo decided it was going to crash and for some reason my campaign got reset. That was at a time when I was getting really angry at Halo. I kept getting the banhammer for no reason and my campaign randomly reset. Then, as a protest against Halo, I went out and bought Black Ops. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have beat it co-op legendary though.

Lol, banhammer. But yeah, it took me forever to beat the campaign. But if you sit down and keep trying, you can do it. I actually haven’t beat it on co-op. nobody to play with.

It definitely takes some work to beat levels on legendary. But if you know what you’re doing, you can get them.

I beat a lot of them on legendary on multiplayer campaign. Then I beat the rest with a friend. If you ever wanted to play co-op though, I’d play with you.

I liked the story for the first two games. Multiplayer is always solid.

We should play multiplayer sometime. I’ve played the campaign too much now to really enjoy it. Kind of excited for Halo 4. Just really hope 343 doesn’t mess up an amazing series

Yeah, I’d definitely enjoy some multiplayer. I haven’t played it in a while so I’ll probably suck now. What’s your gamertag? I’ll friend you when I get the chance. Mine is BengalFan98582 (I made it when I was younger and I don’t feel like paying to change it).

I’m pretty excited for Halo 4 too. It kinda seems like they are trying to make it like CoD though. I bet the campaign will be good. I was saving money for it, but I recently just blew it all so I’ll probably just get it for Christmas.

Every time I see a Halo thread, I scream becuase I physically cannot type out how much I love the games and what I’ve done in them and how I play them.

I’m just going to say that I’m very good(way above average) at Reach, ODST is possibly the greatest game ever, I’ve spent most of career in Halo 3, and Combat Evolved: Anniversary gave me such a huge rush of nostalgia that I swear I got slightly high.

Are you guys getting it? I preordered the limited edish, but I’ve got a chemistry lab at 8am on the 6th so I’m having my brother pick it up. Can’t wait. Luckily I get like 4.5 weeks off for winter break so I’ll fill that time with spilling the blood of my enemies.

Halo 4 better follow in Halo 3’s footsteps. I don’t want another Reach…

I won’t be on Xbl much until it comes out, but here’s my GT, feel free to friend me (noobs need not apply): LinksLegionaire

I’ll be getting it. I enjoyed 3 better than reach as well.

Not a fan of the equipment. (Bubble shields, jet packs…)

Just give me a BR and I’m happy

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Come on, Reach is awesome. I’m not saying it’s the best, but it is still better than most FPS games out right now.
I think Halo 3 might be the best one ever as the physics and weaponry were better than the others.

And honestly, I’m not stoked about H4 becuase it looks more like Call of Duty than other Halos. The gameplay trailers make the multiplayer look way to freaking compliced with custom classes and and a plethora of new equipment. And the campaign seems to discard some things that Halo 3 covered such as returning the Flood.
Im going to get it, but I don’t think it will be nearly as good as the other Halos.

Haha I’m not saying I didn’t play it a ton, I just hit Nova a few weeks ago. It’s a great game, but Halo 3 kicked its butt. Halo 3 just worked.

I’m setting my hopes low for Halo 4. I hope it proves me wrong.

I like the yoyo(C3).

I’m still on Hero, but I don’t play as much as much as other people. I usually just focus more on skill and asskickery than credits.

And what do you mean by Halo 3 just working?

I play Halo with some friends every now and then. I absolutely despise playing FPS on console though. I’m not a fan of waiting for my crosshair to move.

I have all of them. I beat combat evolved when I was 4. Beat the second one when I was 7. Beat 3 on legendary when I was 12. Got the katana when I was 13. Constantly get MVP online. Haven’t taken the time to beat reach on legendary. Preordered halo 4 back in April.
Yeh. I love halo.

I also have the books. ;D


Because I had overprotective parents I never owned any Halos until I was 13. Since then, I have beat all of them on Legendary. And the Katana in Halo 3 is not a big deal; it was so easy to get.
If you want, I could help you with Reach’s campaign when I have the time. I know a ton of shortcuts and timesavers.