HALO what is your favorite?

Now I put Halo 4 in there,which you will probably gonna’ chose Halo 4.I think Halo 4 is going to be the best so far.But I like all of the Halo’s but Halo 4 is going to be my favorite.

I think that Microsoft should shift the Halo series to PCs. Console joysticks are not really that suited for playing first person shooters, in my opinion. That’s why the furthest I have played is Halo 2. Microsoft should release all the PC versions alongside the console version, like COD and Battlefield.

I like each one for different reasons; Reach has great graphics and the multiplayer is fun (got 107 kills in two games a few nights ago*), Halo 3 has my favorite soundtrack, campaign, physics engine and it’s also the Halo I started playing on, ODST was incredibly intense and I absolutely loved everything about it, and CE:A was just a huge rush of nostalgia (my hands wouldn’t quit shaking the first hour I was playing). Long live Halo!!!

Check the last two games I played.

I love the C3 Halo

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I love Halo Reach but I don’t have it! I have Halo 3 for XBOX 360 and it is awesome in my opinion!!