Which Halo game to start with?

Hey everyone, I wanted to get my first Halo game to see how it is, but didn’t know which one to start with. I’m kinda leaning more towards Halo 3, because it is the cheapest, but I’m not sure if there is going to be any one playing online (which is mainly what I want to do). If you have another suggestion that is not up there, just tell me below. I would pre-order the newer one, but I want to see if I’ll even like the games first and see how they are. Thanks for clicking! ( oh and btw, it would be REALLY helpful after you vote that you can explain why you chose what you chose.) Thanks again! :slight_smile: ;D

people still playing online on halo 3 ? YOU BET! your good. but i would wait a little for the price of halo reach to go down because of halo 4 coming out.

Well I got to say I love the first one the best. I played that game split screen with friends for countless hours. I would for sure go with the first one or get the HD remake.

Halo 1 HD remake.

The HD remake is Combat Evolved Anniversary right? Just making sure. I was thinking about that one, but its just that that one more on the expensive side for me, :stuck_out_tongue: but if that many people reccomend it, I’ll prob get it. So, what do you all think about Halo 3? Superbreh likes it, whats your guys’ take on it?

for me again, its fun. it revolutionized the world of online gaming! cant go wrong with it. plus pizzaparty wants online play. halo 3 gave me one of the best online gaming experiences!

I like it but it doesn’t make any sense if you don’t play through the first two.

true, but it seems hes getting it for the online multiplayer, then it wont really matter too much even if you didnt play the first two. but for campaign people, you wont have a friggin clue of wats goin on!

I started with ODST. it’s still my favorite game of all time. I don’t think it matters too much with what you start with, as long as get them all eventually. Halo 3 and Reach have the best multiplayer. I wouldn’t recommend Anniversary edition. it has reach’s multiplayer, but a limited version of it. but you can’t go wrong with halo.

Anyone wanna play some halo 3 multiplayer? I havent played halo in forevvvveeeerrr so im gonna suck but itll be fun! My screen name here is my gamertag, friend me! As for favorite halo game, reach for MP, halo 3 and reach tie for campaign

I never played Halo, how did Halo 3 revolutionize online gaming?

you can record your match, killstreaks ( without halo 3 Call of duty wouldnt have them) very comfy controls

and an amazing graphics engine. plus it introduced t bagging to me lol

halo 2 introduced the party system. Microsoft then incorporated into consoles

I think I might go with Halo 3, it sounds pretty good to me. I’ll prob play the campaign at some point, but I think I’ll try to catch up by watching some vidoes and reading some stuff :stuck_out_tongue: , I don’t have the original xbox anyway, so I can’t play them, and idk if the Combat evolved one is the same story as the original. I’m not completely set on Halo 3, so if you guys have any other suggestions, they are appreciated. Thanks to everyone who has posted/voted so far! :smiley:

Personally (when I used to play halo, I no longer do), Halo 3 and Reach were my favorites. I played 1 and 2 and they were ok in my opinion but 3 and reach were by far more fun multiplayer. You can’t go wrong with either of them. You do have more flexibility in forge mode in Reach but it’s not bad in 3 either. If you can, get both! But if you can only go for one, either would be great choices. The main differences (other than campaign obviously) are forge and the extra ability thing that’s only in Reach (armor lock, jet pack, etc.). Both are really fun games so you can’t go wrong with either one!

^ Thanks man. Thanks everyone so far. I think I’ll go with Halo 3, it seems like a good place to start, and its the cheapest :stuck_out_tongue: . Once I get it, I’ll post again to say my thoughts on it. :smiley: Thanks again!

If you’re purely looking for multiplayer go with 3 or reach.

If you want to follow the story go in order. The story in 1 is great. 2 is good. 3 is good. ODST is garbage to me, and Reach is alright.

So many people hate ODST. I don’t understand it.

I quit after playing one and two…so I love them best…but whatever floats your boat, go for it.

I started with Halo 2. I didn’t have an Xbox so I went over my friend’s house to play it. Multiplayer is fun for H2, but there’s a lot of problems with it.

Halo 3 near-perfected it. I’d suggest that, but if you’re looking for online play, there’s not many people left. Plus unless you have a very good connection, it’s laggy as hell since most of Bungie’s resources are being used for Reach.

ODST was great too. I didn’t care for the campaign too much though, but Firefight was awesome.

1st - Halo 2
2nd - Halo 3
3rd - Halo: CE
4th - ODST
5th - Reach

1st - Halo 3/Reach
3rd - Halo 2
4th - ODST
5th - Halo: CE

Idk why, but I always hated CE. I mean the campaign was really nice, but the overall game’s style just never did anything for me. It baffles me why I bought the Anniversary edition…

Halo 4 looks promising. Definitely going to preorder that.