Looking to play Halo 4 with some fellow throwers.

Hello fellow yoers. I’ve an avid Halo player, and I’m looking to game with you.

I do not suck at this game, and I would ask you to do the same. If you can go positive, I’d love to play with you. If you have a mic, that’d also me majorly copacetic.

I mainly play Big Team, Dominion, and Snipes, but I’m up for anything. I’d love to get a CTF team going.

My GT is LinksLegioniare. Message me on XbL saying you’re from YYE or something (with your screen name, if you want) and lets run this thing.

Here’s my stats:

Unfortunately, I haven’t bought Halo 4 yet. I should. But, If anyone here wants to play Halo Reach with me, let me know! I normally play Team SWAT, Team Snipers, and Infection. Gamertag is A Soviet Locust.

If you’re playing right now, I’d be down for some Reach Snipes.

I have some homework to do, but I might be on later tonight.

Do you play black ops2?

Ew no.

Actually the only games I’m playing right now are Halo 4, SSB:Brawl, Angry Birds, and Minesweeper haha.

Go make your own thread before we start a flame war.

^ Who’s talking about a flame war?

My GT is “half knife” or “half-knife”, never really look at it.
Mostly BO2, though some Halo 4 on accasions.

EDIT: I suck balls at H4, though. Have to be said.

My GT is Turbo Chicken…

i play da haloz… ;D

Haven’t play halo 4 for a few weeks… I do okay i guess. That being said… I dislike playing with people that don’t communicate.

I would love to play with you, but on a different game. I don’t have, don’t want, and can’t play halo.
I play terraria on steam though!

steam ID: anchovies11

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Yo! That sounds like it would be awesome. I don’t have any friends on xbox live. All my friends play stupid COD.
My live account is nicholi2789 same as here.
I usually get on around 730 to 930 pm PST.

^this guy. Finally someone that dislikes COD also. My gamer tag is InfiniteHexick. Anyone can shoot me a friend request for Halo 4. Won’t be online till the 28th though.

Sweet I’ll add you guys.

I don’t have class until 1 tomorrow so I’ll probably be gaming most of the night ;D

I’d be playing right now, but I’m trying to get my NAT to be Open (it’s currently Moderate). I’ve been putting this off for far too long.

Problem is I don’t use a modem or router for internet (Verizon MiFi), so forwarding ports is tough. I’m currently trying to open UDP 88, UDP 3074, and TCP 3074 but I’m having little luck.

If anyone knows anything about networking and wants to give me a few pointers, that’d be great. Google isn’t helping much haha.