Grind Challenge! Win a Code 2!

Alright! I’m feelin generous today :wink: so here’s how the contest is gonna work. Submit a video of your longest grind, doesn’t matter what grind, finger, arm, thumb, palm, whatever. The person to et the longest grind will get a prize based on how many people submitted.

-must be a grind, can be any grind
-you must hop into it, you cant do it from a trapeze
-attempt as many times as you like in the vid, but keep it under 2 minutes
-must have a stopwatch or something in the background that proves you didnt slow down the video
-no gloves

5 or under submissions- 20 strings, a counterweight
6-10 submissions- 20 strings, a counterweight, and a 10 ball KK bearing
11-20 submissions- Protostar
21-50 submissions- Dark Magic II(gold with blue rims)
51-99 submissions-all of the above
100+ submissions- Code 2, 5 strings, 10 ball KK bearing!!!

You have til the end of the month to submit!

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Dang, wish I had a metal now.

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Ooooh, I can use my video editing software to cheat…

(You might want to add some sort of there has to be a consistently moving object like a pendulum rule)

Yea forgot about that, added :slight_smile:

Are gloves legal?? Because I can get a pretty long grind while wearing a glove. it seems slightly unfair.

Nope hehe ;D

I’ve been able to get some pretty solid grind times out of my Wrath and Wet Whistle. Maybe I’ll enter :smiley:

I got a pretty long grind that I’m uploading near the deadline… Let’s just say you want to go for 10 seconds :wink:

What’s the submission thing? Are you saying if 100+ people enter the winner gets the code 2 or what?


You really think 100 people are going to enter?

Nope, my bet’s on the protostar or dm2. The code 2 was just to get some attention. But I will give it away if we do reach 100

Hmmm, this should be fun… Arm grinds or thumb grinds?

Doesnt matter, just do your longest grind ;D

My best grinder just stripped :frowning:

I plan on entering, My BvM2 grinds really nicely!

Do we have to successfully bind it at the end, or can it just die?

Ends when it falls off… You don’t have to bind

Must be clearly still spinning though! I may have a punt at this too.

I dont think it’s considered a grind if it’s not spinning? ???

This would have been cooler if it was the Best Banger that included a grind! I feel like way too many people are going to tie for the longest grind so I think that there should be a different approach that there is a clear winner

I think he means that people could balance a yoyo on their thumb when it’s not spinning, and make it look like it’s spinning.

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since we have to hop into the grind, what about grind transitions? or would we have to hop between grinds too?