Ninja Grind-A trick by Me

I made up this trick a while ago, and I decided to submit it to the Rethinkyoyo contest. Sorry for bad quality, I’m hoping to get a better camera for Christmas :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, it looks the best in 720p, not 1080p. This is my first YouTube video, and probably my last until I get a new camera.

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My best wishes go out to you to win the contest!

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Totally trying this. Sweet trick, man. :wink:

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A word of advice, don’t try it with a thumb grind. The yoyo turns and makes it impossible.

Challenge accepted.

I guess you can try lol. I tried and could never do it.

I did it on my thumb…I’ll post a vid sometimes soon.


Would I be considered a cheater since I used a glacier express? My thumb fits snug in the inner h shape. Ha

Wait, did you do it like a finger grind, but on your thumb? I guess I should have been more clear, I meant don’t try it with an IRG, because the yoyo turns while in an IRG.

Oh yeah, you shoulda been more clear! I did it like a finger grind…I was like, this kid has to be joking, this was simple. Haha

Good idea! Since I really like GT’s and grinds… I’m game.