Longest Fingerspin Challenge: Cash Prizes $$$

Well lads and ladettes, it’s been a little while since we’ve had a contest on here, so I figured we might as well have another one. After all, it’s good fun and everyone loves a good contest. ;D

The Longest Fingerspin Challenge:

As the name implies, the contest is to see who can do a lateral finger spin for the longest.


  1. 1A yoyos only (No 4A)
  2. You must show both cups of the yoyo to the camera prior to throwing.
  3. A bind is NOT required. Just spin it till it falls off.
  4. Hubstacks/zstacks are not permitted.
  5. No matador play. Traditional grind-style fingerspins only.
  6. Gloves are not permitted.
  7. The yoyo must be hopped up into the initial fingerspin, no gentle finger placement.
  8. The yoyo must stay on the same finger the whole time. No hopping after the fingerspin starts.
  9. You must have been a member of the YYE forum prior to the date of this post.*
  10. Only one entry video per member.

(*to clarify rule 9: I want the prizes to go to members of this beloved community, not someone who just signs up with the only intent to enter the contest, never to be seen again afterwards.)

I reserve the right to disregard any entry should I feel there is valid reason for doing so.

The reason I say “one video per member” is to stop people spamming my inbox with tonnes of videos after breaking their previous record. There is no pressure to get a video up ASAP, so take all the time you need until the deadline to film, and then pick out the best one.

Simply film your video, upload it to Youtube and then PM me the link. If we post the videos in this thread it’ll take away the suspense and surprise of the winner, as well as discourage others from entering, so please don’t mention how long your spin is, or post your videos in this thread. Thank you!



I’m doing these in cash form rather than YYE voucher as some of the older entrants might just want to treat the wife to a steak dinner instead of buying a new yoyo. However, if you do wish for your prize to be given to you in the form of a YYE voucher, then this can be arranged. :slight_smile:

A Paypal account is required in order to receive your prize money.

1st - $100.00
2nd - $50.00
3rd - $25.00
Random Prize Draw - $25.00

Not bad for a little video filming eh? Even if you don’t win you still have a chance of winning $25 just for entering, so why not just give it a go?

So that’s all she wrote guys. Grab your yoyos and start spinning!

DEADLINE: Saturday 13th September@12:00GMT [07:00am YYE Forum Time]

Sounds fun. I was a little bummed that you said no lateral caps because that can take you a whole minute easy.

Would I get points for using a yoyo that has your username as its name?

You’d get brownie points, but I don’t think they actually transfer into anything useful. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it legal to use the YYJ Theory in this contest? If not I can use another yoyo

Unfortunately not due to the lateral cap nature of the design. :slight_smile:

Ok not a problem cuz I got a ton of other yoyo’s.

Edit: Rules amended to include hubstacks/zstacks as well as matador play.

Are yoyo gloves aloud? Sorry I keep asking questions.

Definitely going to give this a try! Posting to remind myself lol

Don’t be sorry at all mate, you’re pointing out tonnes of stuff I hadn’t thought about. ;D

No, gloves will not be allowed. Rules amended accodringly.

Ok thanks

Are horizons allowed? Just want to check on this because I just might get a horizon (not just for this but it would be a little incentive), and I don’t want to get one and find out I can’t use it.

If someone had the precision to land in the through-hole of a yoyo or on the dimple of the Prestige, is that allowed? :wink:

Gloves don’t make much of a difference in fingerspinning, and sometimes I think they impede rather than help, so you could keep them in.

for example

im in!!! i wll get your video in sometime this week!!! ;D

If you happen to own an Elysian, is that allowed? Hahah!

Man… there are a lot of yoyos and techniques that will provide an advantage over “flat hub or Mo-Vitation-style hub”. :wink: Hard to list out exceptions and then decide if they should be disallowed.

How about you ask gambit if you can use a certain yoyo, then he’ll give you the okay sign.

Exactly. Instead of a list of yoyo that can’t be used, how about a list that can be used.

I don’t think you realize how long of a list that would be…