Longest Fingerspin Contest: The Results!

Massive thanks to everyone who took the time out to film videos and entered!

Without any ado whatsoever, here are the top 3!

In 3rd Place and winning $25.00:


  • 1:35

Congratulations Darkscism! The last fellow to get his video in, but by no means the least! A sensational fingerspin.

In 2nd Place and winning $50.00:


  • 1:55

Congratulations Yoyojoe! Originally Joe didn’t show both cups in the video so I had to ask him to refilm. Fortunately, he was happy to do so and came back with an even better time. Brilliantly done. :slight_smile:

now onto 1st Place!

The Winner of the Longest Fingerspin Contest, and owner of $100:


  • 4:26 (Yes… you heard that right)

Congratulations Logi! ;D

Finally, last but not least… I put down all the remaining times (at initial timings) in length-order as follows:

Plugged 1-8 into a random number generator and came up with:


So congratulations Kadabrium for winning yourself $25.00

Now, I went back and really timed and re-timed Kadabrium’s videos and I’ve realised that it really was too close to call (at one point I got them both on 1:05:86), so I’m going to give andy569 $25.00 as well!

So to sum up:

1st - Logi
2nd - Yoyojoe
3rd - Darkscism
Prize Draw - Kadabrium + andy569

Will all the winners please PM me with your Paypal details so that I can send you your prize money.

To everyone else, thank you for taking part and getting involved. :slight_smile:

See you at the next contest!


I guess I win.


I’ll be using this to fund my trip to Nationals! (and to buy stuff there ;D)

Thank you so much for doing this contest!

ANNNNDDD CONGRATS to the other winners!

Now that the contest is over, can anyone give me some tips on getting longer fingerspins? I font have any yoyos with dimples in the center which would definitely increase the time. Any other tips though?

Wow! Thanks Gambit for being so generous and for taking the time and effort to organize everything! This really shows just how great our community is.

My god Logi, speechless. I don’t think my yoyo would even spin for 4 minutes. Well deserved :smiley: I wanted to see what your fingernail looked like, but I couldn’t catch it in the video. Any tricks to share with us?

I knew I should have practiced. My record was actually 1:33, I didn’t practice much so I couldn’t get it on camera. (Btw, my time was 1:19 not 18 youtube just messed it up.) But wow! logi.

This means I’m supposed to buy a theory now right? Would you recommend it. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while, I might just give in if its that good for fingerspins.

It was longer when I set the record, and sharper haha.


Thanks!! I know you wanted to place…

Love the Theory, but a Quest with Lateral Caps would be sick.

I got it that long from my fingernail haha.

Wow… I thought I’d place higher, should of shot more, I guess it’s good I didn’t! Winning the random draw and all. I think the absolute max of the Valor is 1:35 but Id die trying to get that :smiley:

I did get 1:10 on film but I didn’t show the cups.

Thanks for hosting this Gambit, very generous of you :slight_smile:

T’was my pleasure good Sirs! You are most welcome.

We have a pretty great community here guys, it’s a privilege to be a part of it. :slight_smile:

What yoyos did the winners use?


You wouldn’t have gotten anything if you didn’t tie with kadabrium xD

Dam, if I could’ve gotten a prestige I think I could’ve done pretty well :confused:
I could only get 15 seconds on my shutter =(

I evidently suck with my Theory. Wow! Well done.

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That 4 and a half minute time is fishy lol…. How long was your finger nail ;D

i didnt study the video, but i have a feeling that some parts of the winning video were slo-mo’d to make the clip longer. there are a few parts were everything was awfully still, and thats just a little ‘too’ long for me to believe.

if im wrong it should only compliment the winner…

Check out the chicken timer on the bench, also can upload with the sound, or i can just do it again, i can hit 4 mins no prob once my finger nail grows back.

If this needs to be done to prove myself, i will gladly do it.

I am also open to doing it live on skype or facetime!

Also have a few members who can be witness!

Also, i have the original file, which i believe was shot in 720p hd at 60 fps(i think, i might be wrong, it could be only 30 fps), judging by the fact that lets say i got a 2 minute finger spin on my theory and then slowed it down so that it would become 4:30, that would mean it would have to slow it down by more then 50%, and if shot at 60 fps it would make the slowmo framey and then cause people to look closely to see if i had.

Now, there is still the possibility i got over a 3:30 finger spin and slowed it down to get that time, i am willing to do what is stated above to prove myself innocent of the above charges.

One thing i hate being called is a cheater and a lier.

I will do whatever I can to prove myself to the both of you and the rest of the forums.

Edit 2:
Noah, I’ll see you at nationals and will grow my nails as long as i can to show you the spin in person.

Edit 3:
My mom is talking about history through the whole video, you can tell by her voice it is not slowed down.

Edit 4:
I would have taking this with my Nikon D5100 but my brother was using it to take video of longboard(which i can prove by date stamps attached to the videos and eye witnesses at the longboard hill who were in the video and have no knowledge of this contest) which would have provided a more detailed look on the spinning yoyo and my eyes and other moving things in the video.

Edit 5:
I also have a 3:50 something on video from the Nikon D5100 at a different angle that I can upload. I shows more and was taken at 1080p 30fps, and you can’t really do slomo with only 30fps :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 6:
My finger nail might take like a month to get back to where it was, it broke off when trying to beat my record, so I just cut them all off.

Edit 7:
I also have some friend I talked to about the contest and let them know what my times were as I was beating them, I can post these messages as evidence in my favor.

Edit 8:
I do not know the preciseness of the chicken timer, it was bought off ebay for my mom’s birthday present a few years ago, the batteries may be low in it thus causing it to be off by a few milliseconds. I can check this if need be.

Edit 9:
I just tried a finger spin with almost no finger nail and broke 2:30 hardly trying. I would be glad to skype/facetime/google hangout with anyone to show them.

Edit 10:
I will be at my grandfather birthday party tomorrow and will probly not be here to reply to anyone, but I will be back on monday.

Edit 11:
The above statement may have sound fishy so I am going to expand on that.
I will be cooking at the Whitmore Community Center Pancake Breakfast in the morning, then going to church, then going and spending the afternoon and evening at my grandparents, Sunday is also what our family calls a “No electronics day” where we cannot use computers for personal use, unless permission is granted by my parents. That is why i will not be here tomorrow.
On Monday however, I have about 2 hours from 2-4 pm PST to talk, due to having a break in classes for that time.

lol I facetimed him and he did one for a little more than three minutes, and his nail is crazy :wink: but congrats Logan!

kinda doubt it, you can see the timer ticking

Can you list what throws they used?

I used an X3 Aware found here http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/705/X-Cube-Aware

I know Logi used a YYJ Theory found here http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/895/YYJ-Theory

I have no idea what Yoyojoe used, but it kinda looks like a YYJ without the caps