Grand Rapids Yoyo Co. A revamped project by Jake Elliott


I’m in for an order! Best of luck with the resurrected company, Jake. :slight_smile:


I want some :o Would you discount if I bought 50?


oh yeah these awesome strings!!! i remember when i tested these strings or when he had multiple stings i think i might want to pick a few up that is when i have the money :stuck_out_tongue: i am as of now saving my money for a laptop and a yoyo i will pick up at VA state yoyo competition. I’m thinking a YYJ theory.


This is great stuff


so glad you’re selling string again as soon as I get some more money I’m going to buy a pack


Been trying a bunch of different strings lately and this one was definately worth the try. I usually don’t care too much about tension, but I was pretty amazed how well they hold tension, they whip pretty well and are soft from the beginning which I think is really important and they have the perfect bounce to them. Oh and the colors are just like I like, perfect bright colors. They are a grade A string, you need to try them if you haven’t.


Echoing jbritter, these things are nice. The perfect bounce is the first thing I noticed. They are probably about ammo thickness, but ever so slightly more firm and slick. They remind me a lot of the YYR poly which I like very much. Great whips and slacks, awesome feel on the fingers. Maybe a tad thick for some, but it rivals anything out there. Good job Jake


Can I get some?