Jake Elliot String


This is my review for string made by Jake Elliot on this forum.

I was lucky enough to be part of Jake’s testing group. He sent me out a pack of a couple white strings to test. When I opened the pack, I must say I wasn’t too stunned. The strings looked pretty normal. Boy, was I wrong. These strings, Jake said, will most likely not be available, just for reference. These strings had a very rough texture. They were twisted incredibly tightly. I must say, these were in no way “Love at first sight” strings. More like “These are terrible” at first throw. But I persevered. And once broken in, they were good. Whips/Slacks were ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. Just a bit too rough.

So Jake sent out a new pack saying he’d made some changes to the string formula based on feedback he’d received. Wow. Great. Neon yellow and Neon green look great. He fixed the problem with the roughness of the string. Whips and slacks are so insanely easy. Feels nice, teensy bit thicker and rougher than regular poly. Overall great string. Holds tension super well. Binds super snappy and nice. You need to try these strings!

Thanks for letting me try these strings out Jake!


Grand Rapids Yoyo Co. Strings :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review. Always enjoy people getting the name out there!


I’ve rarely heard a bad thing about his string. Once I get a new throw, I’m hoping to order some myself.

(Waylon) #4

As well you should. It’s pretty fantastic stuff.


New string is in the works. Pretty darn excited.

If you want to place an order, you can check out the official Grand Rapids Yoyo Co. Thread (see signature)