Grand Rapids Yoyo Co. A revamped project by Jake Elliott

These are the same strings I compete with. I’ve spent over two years perfecting the design, with hundreds upon hundreds of hours of play testing. Everyone who has ever played with them loves them.

These strings require no break in time and are at their best right at the beginning. They aren’t gimmicky, they just play like a string should. They’re super soft, have an excellent weight for controlled slacks, hold tension for days, bind extremely tightly, and last much longer than a regular cheap yoyo string.

These are the only type of strings I will be offering from now on, as I strongly believe that having one excellent string is better than having many mediocre strings.

Ten packs are $7, fifty packs are $20, and 100 packs are $30. Shipping is included in the price.

Looks good! I’d love to try the (L) and especially the POS String! If I had money right now I’d order some for sure.

These strings are great everyone! Must have

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These look pretty nice! I need to try and buy some soon! And you’re from Michigan to top it off! Michigan represent!

Am I the only who found it funny that he has a thread for selling threads? Hahahahahahah yeah I’m not that funny

I like the looks of these strings. Any comparison to the bg1s from toxic. If so I’ll buy a bunch

Can’t wait till I get mine in the mail to test

I feel as though having a string type named ‘POS’ may prevent some people from buying it on the grounds that it might not perform so well :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see nothing wrong with POS.

Pos, pronounced as the first syllable of “Possy”

Alright, fine, it sounds a little like puss.

Feel free to suggest a name.

Some have come to see ‘POS’ as an acronym for ‘piece of junk’.

Souped Up Poly? SUP? “Yeah threw a SUP in my Gnarwhal. Plays pretty great.” “I bought a handful of SUPs from Jake Elliot the other day.” lol idk.

Can’t believe I missed that. Literally laughing out loud right now.

I’ll sleep on a new name, see what I can come up with.

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A wild facebook page appeared!

On December 1st, a person will be randomly selected who liked the facebook page. This person will win some free string.


Working on finishing up over 250 strings that ill be giving away for free, including two completely new types which will be available here soon.

I’m excited.

Buy string from this guy. I got to be a tester. This string actually made me giggle. As soon as I need more string, I’m ordering from Grand Rapids.

Sitting at the Illinois state YoYo contest right now, given over 150 strings away.

Tons if positive reviews. Really makes me smile.

Oh, and people have been testing out the two new strings we’ve been working on - gold and white gold. Excellent reviews again.

They’ll be dropping Monday.

Got to try your string, its so amazing!!! This stuff works!! Ill be writing a full review this week.

Thanks for the string! Put it on my new Shaquler Star I won at Illinois States! Cool promotional idea, free string was sweet!

I tried the powercord t and I loved it. It lasted me over a day until I got a knot. :frowning: I’ll get some for Christmas for sure!

Untie the knot.

What happened to SUPS?

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