Grand Rapids Yoyo Co. A revamped project by Jake Elliott


Powercord (t)'s rock. Will have to get some more when i run out. They last so long!


They evolved into the diamond series.


Haven’t had a lot of time to test them out, but rockin’ a thin Diamond Series string in my Wrath right now. Feels very nice. I like 'em!


Try the powercord (L) out next.


Would a string that lasted an extremely long time (months of solid play), but that had some arcing issues, be something that you guys would have an interest in?


What do you mean by arching?

I probably wouldn’t be interested. I mean unless it consistently played like your Diamond series.


Arcing is what happens to durable threads instead of fraying, like you would expect a polyester thread to do.

Near the middle of the picture. Its when a thread pops out a little bit - it doesn’t really effect play, but it is ascetically unpleasing.


Ahh. Nah I probably wouldn’t mind that.

I’m definitely going to put in some time and make a proper review of your strings, once I get some time. In other words, when this semester ends, lol. I’m also going to work on a logo, if you’re still looking for one.


You’re certainly free to make one and I’ll definitely check it out, but I do have a logo that I’m quite happy with right now.

I look forward to the review very much :slight_smile:

(2Sick Joey) #30

Really loved testing these strings…Definitely going to be picking some of these up!


You should write a review :D!


Cascade + Powercords. Way too good.


Forgot to take that back… oh well, I have more. They last forever too!


You should enter that picture into the GRYC weekly contest starting tomorrow.


So this week’s contest is best yoyo picture?


It is!


Bumping this up


Hey, how much do 50 pure gold strings cost? Is there any way I can buy some at an upcoming contest, i.e. Indiana/MER?


That’s what I’m asking but I haven’t gotten a pm back :frowning:


Let’s give this a shot again.