Jake Elliot's String


Well, this is a little late, but I kept putting it off. Sorry about that.

He sent me two strings to test. I don’t think they have a name so I’ll just refer to them as Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1:

I found it lasts a pretty decent amount of time. It is great for whipping and holds slack really well. It is also very hard to get string burn with it. It is almost like a dumbed-down version of the Dragon String. Which is a good thing for me because I found the Dragons whip a little too fast for me.

The string is wound pretty tight. That’s not really something that I care about too much though.

Type 2:

It lasts pretty long too. Not as a long as Type 1, but still a decent amount of time. It also comes in different colors and isn’t wound as tight as Type 1. Type 2 is also softer.

It doesn’t whip or hold slack as well as Type 1. It is also easier to get string burn. I’m just comparing that to Type 1 though. If you were to compare it to something like YYE bulk string, it would definitely out preform it.

Both of these are really nice strings. I think I will have to buy some more. I definitely recommend them. Jake is a very nice person to handle this with and will ship it out to you pretty fast. You can’t go wrong with either string.

EDIT: Turns out Type 1 is called Powercords (t) and Type 2 is called Powercords (L). Didn’t catch that, sorry. Type 1 also actually comes in a couple of different colors.

EDIT 2: Actually, type 1 is just a beta and IS NOT available for purchase. Type 2 is the Powercords (t)


Thanks for the review :slight_smile: I really do appreciate it!

Actually, to clear something up, the “type 1” string that you got was NOT Powercord (t). It was an original beta testing type string that is NOT available.

Type 2 is what is now known as Powercord (t).

And if any readers want more information about Grand Rapids Yoyo Co. strings, check out my signature :slight_smile:


Oh, ok. My bad on that. I just assumed that those were the names of the first two.


The Powercords you sent me are an amazing string! I love the brightness of them, and how heavy they are. Nice heavy string, awesome for whips. I gave some to my buddies and they both enjoyed them. Definitely a fantastic string