GRYC Powercords(t)


When Jake asked for testers, I immediately wanted to be one. He did not seem like an amateur in string making at all. I had seen his posts about string rigs, and he seemed to have lots of strings and seemed very responsible. I got the strings soon after I sent him my address. There were two types, but I am only reviewing the Powercords, because the other type never made it to production. First of, I noticed a nice neon color. I prefer neon strings for visibility. They felt stiff, but not too hard. I have tried strings that are so stiff they cut you. These strings seemed to be a nice texture, not too stiff. I noticed very minor imperfections in the strings winding, but all were minor and I barely noticed them.


When I popped one in a yoyo, I was amazed. These whip so quickly, but not so much that it messes with toe tricks. It holds tension great. It is also not too stiff. A typical negative of stuff whippy strings is that when you put the slipknot on your finger, it can slide off, because of the stiffness. I think Jake found the perfect formula. Whippy, but not too whippy, stiff, but just soft enough to be kind to the hands. My whips move nice and quick with these strings, and they have never been better. My hands are not sore from getting whipped, and the slipknot stays comfortably around my finger. I cannot comment on the play of this string for suicides. Why? Because I am terrible at them. But I will say that they were a bit easier with this string. The string retains it’s play for a while. I have used this string for over a week on my Irony, subjecting it to intense play, over a few hours a day. Although the color has dulled from dirt and the texture is not as robust, it still whips and handles slacks like a dream. I think the thickness is perfect.

Overall, I think this is the perfect string for me. I am not exaggerating. I would buy 200 if I had the cash. This is easily the best string I have ever used. Whips awesomely, has great tension, not too stiff, and won’t slip of the finger. Jake hit a home run. I strongly suggest picking up a ton of these. You will not regret it. I promise. Did I mention they’re also priced great?!? What are you waiting for? PM him!


(Owen) #2

I’m jealous that he sent strings to you and not to me when I asked if he wanted me to test :’(


Just buy some! So cheap!


That would be the best way to obtain some.