Notes on Jake Elliot Strings


Okay… So I’d thought I’d give this a go…

So recently I got some strings from Jake Elliot. He was looking for testers.

I wanted to right down some thoughts… Well, here they are.

Original String: Color: White:

I don’t think this string has a name… Anyway:

These strings are a little thinner for my preferences. (I like normal kitty string thickness.) Anyway, I think these strings play great! They are a little rough, but they whip perfectly for me. Suicides are great with them. They last a long time too. The things thing I think would be improvements would be that he made them a little thicker and a little bit softer… They were just a tad bit rough on my hands.

Power Cords: Yellow/White: These things play amazing! They are very soft! They are a little thicker than normal poly, but they are great for slow slack and whips. They are awesome. When I use them I feel like I’m really good at slacks. (I’m not sure why) The one thing I think would be an improvement would be if he made them a tad bit thinner.

I may be able to get another review up later. (For different strings, if I get them.) I probably will just edit this post to put another review in.

Thanks for looking!


Having more problems with the rayon string…


Not what I meant… But yeah, forgot about the one’s you were going to make me.


When I twist it, it just snaps… AHHHGGGG…


I like this thread.

The ones that he mentioned first (the white strings) will probably not be available. They have some nice play, but really are kind of a pain to deal with (way too tight)


Yeah, they were really rough. :slight_smile:


Just wait till I get my strings in the mail I haven’t gotten them yet :confused: well there’s always Monday but I am super excited to review them


I love mine. I’ll make a review. I love the neon ones. They are great for me. Good whips, tension, and nice thickness and softness given the great whippy-ness. Both strings are whippy. White ones hurt a bit, both are great. Neon ones are some of my fav. strings ever. Really.