You might as well place your orders now

(Waylon) #1

Because Jake Elliott string is going to go fast. I got an updated test batch yesterday. Holy guacamole. Huge improvement over the first batch. Jake has listened to his testers feedback and produced a killer formula. Sweet colors, professional twist, whips like whoa, stiff, easy on the hands, and a very reasonable proposed price point.


You make me smile.


His string is definitely really good. I love the colorway. Closest thing I have ever tried to Hamstring, yet completely different. Get some and try it!

(Waylon) #4

That lime color string made me smile. Pretty outstanding. And it literally did make me smile.


I like the fact how this is a community and not a competition for sales. Absolutely awesome. You don’t see Coke telling their customers to go try Pepsi cause it’s similar but different.

I’ll have to add both your strings to my must try list. ;D

And man, quality strings really dig into your pockets. :-X