Good Luck, Eric Koloski!

Tonight, Eric Koloski might perform for the Judges on America’s Got Talent for the one of the 11 remaining spots in the Hollywood Auditions. We might see him tonight if you tune in.

I just want to say to him good luck. As we know The Higby Couple have tried but the judges didn’t “get it”. Joseph Harris tried but the old system for choosing the finals was his downfall because the judges didn’t think he had enough material for a 3-5 minute routine (if only they knew…).

Me and Yoyoingmonkey had tried to audition via Youtube but we were dominated by singers and dancers that imo weren’t as good as the TV people (seriously, this one girl was so bad she decided to wear a swimsuit to sing. You know how Piers is.).

Eric Koloski, if you can read this or André or Grant can send you this, then hopefully this year’s judging system will see that this isn’t American Idol, and will recognize the uniqueness of your talent and hopefully admit that you can pull of a 3 minute routine (you’ve been doing it for a couple of years now.)

PS: To keep this yo-yo related, I just want to say that yo-yo’s rule.

~Spin On O0

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Thanks so much for this Chris. I was looking for him last night, but did not see him. I thought he was out. Thanks for saying this. I am sure it will help him. GO ERIC!!! Oh and I saw that girl on youtube. Not that good, but sort of funny to read the comments.

i totally agree i was so pissed when i saw him in the corner of the b section >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

He needs all the support he can get. I wonder what kind of prelim freestyle he’s going to go with.

What channel, what time?

I have Direct-TV

i dont have direct tv but what time is it going to be on
i hope he wins!

well in were i live its 9pm-11pm and thats pacific standard time

You can look it up.

I’m actually going to try to watch this time.

9 o’clock for us here in the pacific.

8:00 for us in MO.

So, 6 or 7 for whichever sides left. Going on right now?

Yup. Just about to start.

They haven’t showed him yet. Where is he?!???!?!?!?!

He will probably be in the Novelty Acts. Someone post if they show him or not

I saw him but they didnt show his performence. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

they showed him warm up offstage

did he make it?

i didnt see him either but i hope he got through.

How can we see his performance??

He didnt make it. I saw him get cut with a bunch of other people. What is even more unbelievable is that they let that air band get in. I AM SO ANGRY! >:(