Tomorrow I audition for America's Got Talent...

I’m so nervous guys! Yo-Yoing… I need some motivation. I don’t expect to make it, this is mostly for the experience, but… Any pointers? Motivation? :smiley:

Stay calm, and pretend nobody is around you. The judges are not yoyos masters so they will most likely like anything you show them. Good luck!

That’s sick! Normally, people would say “kiss, keep it stupid simple” boingy boing,brain twister,Eli hope etc. Bit I also feel like some tech and stuff here and there would help.

just just, where is the place? Is it near us? Or are you driving a lot?

one thing: move, do not stand in one place, a simple few steps to the side can make a huge difference for those who do not really get yo-yoing.

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One thing that stands out is to make your yo-yoing look good. You could walk around and pluck your shirt after a banger or difficult combo. I recommend doing arm wraps, neck wraps, and front style tricks. Throw in some tech and grinds in there too. Good Luck! :smiley:

Didnt joseph harris go on agt once?

I don’t watch the show but will you be on tv or something?

Dude this is awesome! They’ll definitely say yes! Don’t be nervous, although I would be too :smiley:

Be energetic on stage and be REALLY flashy. Get the audience pumped, by doing bangers and when you land a sick trick, bind, and kinda taunt the audience. Like, “You guys wanna see more?” but with hand gestures.

Good luck!


Yoyoers have been on the show before and the judges have basically said that it’s cool, but it’s too technical and not “showy” enough. It’s obviously too late for you to organize something like this now, but doing something like Higby does, where you wrap the yoyoing in a show with comedy and props and such is a good way to captivate audiences that might get tired after 30 seconds of 1A.

This post sums it up completely.

Yoyoings kind of been done in AGT. Been there done that, they dont think its AGT material so most likely wont be choosingyoyoers anymore.

Not tryng to get you down, just something to think about

It’s always gratifying to succeed where others have not. It’s better to try and come up short than not to try.

This is an opportunity! When you take advantage of opportunities you always gain. When you pass on opportunity, regret is often the consequence.

Have fun, share what you do, and remember that bringing joy and smiles to others is a great reward.


Higby has been on the show as well and didn’t make it far :confused:

The hard part is making ur act better every single round.

You are awesome :slight_smile: good luck man! It takes courage to get on that stage! Props to you!!

So, to everyone that thinks I’m going on stage, I’m not lol. There is a suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper loooooooong and complicated process to audition. And it’s only in front of like, one person. I was there for six hours before I got to perform haha!! Thanks for everyone’s support!!!

Still cool.

Well, a lot of things have been done more often, like singing.

But singing has a lot more variety and public appeal. Definitely a waste of 6 hours, but as long as he had fun and enjoyed the experience i think it’s considered a success.