America's got talent

Hey guys remember me lol i wanted to tell you that I’m trying out for America’s got talent wish me luck 13 days till tryouts

Don’t remember you cause I’m kinda new but good luck. Hope you make it on tv at the very least considering throwing isn’t super dazzling compared to juggling chainsaws or something. Show the world what throwing is all about. Rep our community kid!

You should check out some of the other throwers that have made it on the show and see what they did.

Remember hard and flashy are not the same thing.

Good luck!

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^yes! What he said! Also. If you plan on doing laceration binds etc, maybe some how get them to know prior that you must bind so they see the significance of lacerations and binds. Unless you’re doing looping. Ignore everything I said.

I have strong feelings against the judges simply because they have no idea how amazing yoyoing really is. There’s been a lot of yoyo players that tried out and got turned away because the judges aren’t impressed claiming to have “seen too many yoyo players” and “what makes you different”. Dont feel bad if you dont make it through or far. Just know that to us, you’re freakin awesome and we love you. But really, good luck. I hope you amaze the heck out of them!!

The judges judge against more impressive things like spectacular singers, so the reasoning behind yo-yoing not ever doing well is very sound and understandable. Yo-yoing is not very cool; if you think it is you are sorely mistaken. If stardom is your goal, take up guitar lessons and learn to lip sync; yo-yoing is not the right hobby for you.

Hope you do well, but don’t raise your hopes too high.

I did AGT a few years back. They contacted ME and gave our fire dance group VIP treatment. Even still, I leanered alot about how fake TV is, and how setup every scene in that show is. I was disgusted by the real talent cast aside in favor for “joke” acts that were off the wall and talent-less shmos to take up air time and make for interesting tv shenanigans. They asked me to return for second audition and I declined. lol

Good luck! I hope it goes better for you than it did for us.

thank you all guys for your advise my goal for this is just to prove to myself that i can do it

i agreed with this but look at this Ian Johnson made it pretty far

I’m performing in Atlanta in a couple weeks. What are you throwing? I’m not expecting to make it very far, but I want to try.

Remember, The extremely difficult, complicated tricks that aren’t very flashy unless you are in the community are not what they want to see. The judges want to see BIG tricks, that look impressive. If you are good enough, get a glow in the dark suit, yoyo string and yoyo and do some big 1A swing-y tricks.

Yes, do ALL the bangers, arm tricks, and the more advanced stuff slower. Not super slow, just slow enough so that they can comprehend it. Odds are, if you manage to impress them the first time, they’ll go look some stuff up, and then you can start on the faster stuff. Good luck!

Sadly due to my surgery I will have to quit America’s got talent