Americas Got Talent to feature yoyo performer


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Here is the newspage link:

(I hope the link works) Best of luck to this fine member of the community!!!


I thought John already went on Talent once.


You can still come back if you’ve competed before(I believe it’s as long as you didn’t make it to live shows in any previous seasons)

Anyways he just competed yesterday, results are today. If he makes it through this round he goes to the live shows

(velez_adrian) #4

John is the best, I know him, he’s chilled


I’m just going to leave this here


Ya John seems cool too bad he pick a pretty poor team to join.


How is it that even the supporters of his sponsor try to use YYE for free promotion? Shameless.



Because there is nobody on the other site bpg


Don’t know much about AGT. Is it like American Idol where America votes?


yeah except it’s talent and the judges can eliminate people if they don’t like the performance.

And in all seriousness I don’t think John will make it that far because his performance looks too technical in front of the judges.


It’s only up to the judges the first 2 rounds, after that America votes and the judges just give their thoughts and feedback


Don’t get me wrong here. John is a phenomenal yo-yo player and a hell of a performer. But unfortunately for him, as well as everyone else who throws, there is really no chance that a yo-yo player will ever win America’s Got Talent. Our hobby just isn’t entertaining enough to ever be a legit act in Las Vegas.


He unfortunately didn’t make it. :frowning:

(Erik Kerber ) #14

Yea Johns awesome.

(Steve Brown) #15

Yoyo players are frequently recruited for these shows because what we do is interesting, entertaining, and easy for an audience to understand and get behind. Yoyo players are only brought on to the show to get cut, because it gives producers an easy way to establish judge personalities…this one is kind, this one is the villain, this one is a pushover, etc etc.

It’s nice that John went on and did a decent job, but there was never any intention of him getting any further than he did.