Yoyoing on America's Got Talent!

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On America’s Got Talent some guy did 2a and moved on to the next round. The judges liked him a lot. I hope he wins!


Some guy?! I think you mean Joseph Harris. ::slight_smile:

(Raphael) #3

I Saw That like 5 min ago! He Was good…
Oh and the Judge said, “He was Representing every Yo-Yo Fanatic in america.”
so i hope he wins…


i just saw that and was gonna come on a make a post about it. i got beat, but i really hope he wins


Go Yo-Yo Joe! He is great at 2a, but his act was really brief. He should go longer. When Judge #2(tee-hee), said he was “representing every yo-yo fanatic in America,” I got on my knees and held two rock-out finger signs in the air, and yelled, “Whoo!!” My dad just chuckled.


Was it just on? What channel?

(TheBlackStar) #7

Sorry I didn’t hear his name.


He was awesome, I was watching :wink:

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AWESOME! I’m going to watch that tonight. I was going to anyways. I live in Cali, so, you guys must have seen him on the east so he’ll be on at 8 my time. Cant wait! If you guys are wondering which channel it’s NBC at at 8PM PST. I can’t wait. I’m going to tape it! ;D :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:


I think I missed it for tonight so when will it be on next?

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Depends do you live in the east or west coast?

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Just saw it they barely showed anything but its great that he moved on =)

(Mikey) #14

the guy that ate glass was gross.


Kansas. Dead center. Ha. If you tell me which you are and what time it is for you i can probably figure it out.


i was just watching americas got talent and i saw a little 20 second clip of “yo yo joe”(same yoyo joe as the resturant?) and it looked liuke he did much better with the judges than the higbys did ;D
im thinking that he’ll be on tommorrow or the next new one whenever thatll be :-\

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me too, but he was on TV for like only a minute :’(


Ok today on AGT there was supposably a yoyo player and i was wondering if anyone has a video of it cuz the judges said he was the best theyve seen. Please give me a link.


Video video need a video!