Yoyoing on America's Got Talent!

On America’s Got Talent some guy did 2a and moved on to the next round. The judges liked him a lot. I hope he wins!

Some guy?! I think you mean Joseph Harris. ::slight_smile:

I Saw That like 5 min ago! He Was good…
Oh and the Judge said, “He was Representing every Yo-Yo Fanatic in america.”
so i hope he wins…

i just saw that and was gonna come on a make a post about it. i got beat, but i really hope he wins

Go Yo-Yo Joe! He is great at 2a, but his act was really brief. He should go longer. When Judge #2(tee-hee), said he was “representing every yo-yo fanatic in America,” I got on my knees and held two rock-out finger signs in the air, and yelled, “Whoo!!” My dad just chuckled.

Was it just on? What channel?

Sorry I didn’t hear his name.

He was awesome, I was watching :wink:

AWESOME! I’m going to watch that tonight. I was going to anyways. I live in Cali, so, you guys must have seen him on the east so he’ll be on at 8 my time. Cant wait! If you guys are wondering which channel it’s NBC at at 8PM PST. I can’t wait. I’m going to tape it! ;D :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

I think I missed it for tonight so when will it be on next?

Depends do you live in the east or west coast?

Just saw it they barely showed anything but its great that he moved on =)

the guy that ate glass was gross.

Kansas. Dead center. Ha. If you tell me which you are and what time it is for you i can probably figure it out.

i was just watching americas got talent and i saw a little 20 second clip of “yo yo joe”(same yoyo joe as the resturant?) and it looked liuke he did much better with the judges than the higbys did ;D
im thinking that he’ll be on tommorrow or the next new one whenever thatll be :-\


me too, but he was on TV for like only a minute :’(

Ok today on AGT there was supposably a yoyo player and i was wondering if anyone has a video of it cuz the judges said he was the best theyve seen. Please give me a link.

Video video need a video!